Saturday, September 10, 2016

Progress with PT! - September 7th, 2016

Today before PT we were working on some of your exercises and lately when we do tummy time, you love just sleeping. Well, today, for the first time in a while, you actually lifted up your head and kept it there for a while! I was SO proud of you! I couldn't wait to show the PT what you did! Also, yesterday when I had you facing me on my legs, you reached for your feet! That is also something we have been working on - getting you used to the fact that you have feet! I knew she would be so happy for all the progress you have been showing!
When she came, Grammy and Poppy also came (they were going to watch you because I had a doctor appointment after PT). Everyone was so happy with all the progress you have made. You are starting to kick your legs up and move them to the side to roll over. You are getting so close! You showed the PT how you could lift your head during tummy time AND support yourself with your hands - you used to just lift your head and leave your arms out. We would have to tuck them under you! Now, you hold yourself up with them. She tried lifting you up from a lying position to see if you would bring your head with you - and you did! You are doing so well with your head control. This is something we practice every day. I am glad to see it paying off!
She put you in your Bumbo and gave you a toy to play with. You loved it. You did such a great job holding your head up and looking and holding your toys. You are starting to hold toys now and grab them if we put them in front of you. Sometimes if toys are on the activity mat next to you, you will grab them which is good too. I bought you a turtle that has buttons to push for music, and you are pushing them by yourself (or should I say hitting the turtle and accidently hitting the buttons haha).
You are making so much progress and we are so happy to see all the new things that each new day brings. You are such a happy little baby and we love seeing you smile! I look forward to being home with you and watching you grow for most of your first year!! We love you bub!!