Tuesday, September 6, 2016

Six Month Appointment - August 29th, 2016

Today we had an appointment with the pediatrician. He said that you looked good and you were gaining weight like you were supposed to. He said that you throwing up one or two full feeds a day is also normal, as long as you are gaining weight. He upped your Prilosec prescription and did the same for your iron prescription. He asked us a few questions about your development, and said that you were doing well. He said that we should make an appointment for three weeks after your feeding appointment for another weight check, unless we had another specialist appointment where they would weigh you.
The nurse weighed you and you are 11 pounds, 4 ounces. She also took your length, and you are 22.5 inches long. Since this was your 6 month appointment, you also had your shots. You cried for a minute after, but then you were back to your happy self before we left.
On Wednesday, we have your first NICU follow up appointment. I am actually excited for it. They say that it can take up to two hours, and that we will see a few different specialists during the appointment. We also are seeing one of the doctors that usually delivered the bad news to us while you were in the NICU at Virtua, and regardless of having to deliver us bad news, we liked her. It will be nice to see a familiar face.
OT came again today. She said that you are doing very well. You are swatting at your toys, starting to hold on and grab toys, and doing well with all the exercises she has you do. You do a lot of work on the yoga ball, and you love bouncing on it. You are still not much of a fan of tummy time, and by that I mean you don't like to lift your head up, but you love sleeping on your belly. We are also working on sitting you in the bumbo and moving you all around. It looks like you are on a carnival ride.
We love seeing you progress. We can't believe that you are 6 months old already! It's crazy how time flies. We are cherishing every moment with you. We love you so much!!