Thursday, November 24, 2016

Neurosurgery Appointment - October 12th, 2016

This morning we were rushing around to go to your neurosurgery appointment. Since we were going to be late, I was rushing around and I walked really fast around the corner and hit my toe on your daydreamer bed. I knew immediately that I broke my toe. Daddy didn't think I could break it on such a small piece of plastic, but when I started getting light headed and when I took off my sock and my toe was crooked, I knew it was broke. I couldn't miss your appointment, so I put ice on it and got in the car really quick before I passed out (I didn't pass out - but I felt really light headed and wanted to be in the car just incase). Great start to the morning!
I was in so much pain that daddy asked if I wanted him to drop me off at urgent care and he would take you to your appointment, but I said that I would just wait and go to urgent care after. We made it to your appointment, and we didn't even get called in until 11:00 (your appointment was at 10:00). We weren't going to see your neurosurgeon again, but I asked to see him and he came in. He said that you were doing great and that he takes all the credit for you "turning out to be a normal boy." He said that usually preemies have some issues when they are born that young, but you looked like you were doing just fine. He said that he wants to see you back in three months. He said he wants to follow you closely in your first year. You haven't needed any revisions yet, and hopefully you won't need any anytime soon. The neurosurgeon said that sometimes after a shunt is put in, the fluid finds somewhere to drain and you may not need the shunt to work.
He felt the top of your head where the reservoir is and said that if it is still that prominent when we come back in three months, you will need surgery to take it out. Usually when your skull closes, the reservoir is hidden, but that didn't happen with you. Since it is still that way, I am assuming that we will need another surgery to take out the reservoir. That will be your 4th surgery before you are 1 (assuming that you will have it done before you are 1). You are the strongest little boy I know.
When we got home, I went to urgent care and they did an x-ray. It was confirmed - my fourth toe was broken. They said to buddy tape it to the other toe and to wear a boot for 4 weeks. They said if it still hurt after 3 weeks to make an appointment with an orthopedic. I iced my foot the rest of the night and sat on the couch as much as I could. With a baby, it's kind of hard to stay off my feet when I have to change you and play with you!
PT and OT are still impressed with all that you are accomplishing. You are doing so well for everything that you have been through. We are amazed everyday. We love you so much and love seeing you grow (even though it is sad at the same time - time goes by so fast). Keep doing what you are doing!!

Monday, November 7, 2016

Audiologist Appointment - October 11th, 2016

Today we had our appointment with the audiologist. I was very nervous, especially since while we were in the NICU, a little boy in our quad had hearing loss. I read somewhere that it is common to have hearing loss in preemies (not sure how true it is). Anyway, I knew you could hear, but didn't know if there was any hearing loss.
The audiologist was very nice. He told us exactly what he was doing at all times and what he expected. In our case, he said that they usually didn't test babies until they were around 7 months, and you were only 4 months adjusted. He said that he was going to do a test like they did in the NICU, and then he said if you were cooperative, he would do another test that they usually didn't do until at least 1 year of age.
For the first test, everything went well. He said that there was one high pitched noise that didn't register in your right ear, but he said he wasn't worried about that. He said that could be because of a variety of things. He said that since you were doing so well, he wanted to take us into another room to try the second test. He told us not to be worried if things didn't go well for this test, since you normally wouldn't be having this test at this age.
For the second test, he said that we would go into a room that had puppets that lit up and danced, and he would go into another room and he would talk to us through speakers. You sat on daddy's lap, and the audiologist played certain sounds and lit up the puppets in the direction of the sounds to see if you would look. You didn't turn for the majority of them. He said that was to be expected. He said you were still too young to do that, and assured us that you were just fine. He said that if we were still worried at 7 months corrected to make an appointment.
I am so glad that everything turned out okay. I remember when I was worried a few weeks ago, I would let you fall asleep and then shake a rattle to see if you could hear. Sure enough, you would startle! That probably wasn't so nice, but I needed reassurance that you could hear since you wouldn't turn towards noises! The PT said that you were just bored with sounds and the audiologist agreed. He said that its like us - if a door keeps opening and closing, we don't continue to look every time the door opens and closes. We get used to a sound and stop responding to it. I guess that makes sense!
We love you so much and are so happy that you will be able to hear just fine. Hopefully in the coming weeks you will start to turn towards noises. I am sure everything will be fine! Tomorrow we have your neurosurgeon appointment. I am excited to see your neurosurgeon!

Sunday, November 6, 2016

Pediatrician Appointment - October 5th, 2016

Today we had an appointment with the pediatrician for a weight check. We also had a couple questions about your hearing. Our PT told us to ask about it, and OT agreed. Other than that, you were doing fine.
We got to the pediatrician and got into the room. The nurse did a weight check and you were 13 pounds! She said that if we wanted, we could also get the flu shot today. Since our neonatologist said that she recommended it, we got it. You didn't even cry at all! We waited for the pediatrician to come in, which took longer than usual. Since it was taking so long, I decided not to waste time, and that we could practice tummy time on the table. I had my camera out, and caught you rolling over from belly to back for the second time! I was so excited for you!
The doctor came in and took a look at you and said that you looked great. I asked him about your hearing (you won't look towards sounds) and he said that usually that happens when you are a little older, but because we were concerned, he referred us to an audiologist. Another specialist.
Our next appointment is with the neurosurgeon on the 12th. Hopefully we get to see him this time! Other than that, you are doing so good and PT and OT always say how good you are doing.
We love you and are so happy with your progress. We enjoy watching you grow and learn new things every day.