Sunday, October 2, 2016

GI Appointment - September 21st, 2016

Today we had our GI appointment. When the doctor came in, she said that you looked really good. We love hearing that. She asked us a bunch of questions and then we told her what we thought and she told us what she thought. Basically, she said that she didn't think it was necessary right now to do any testing or anything because you only throw up once or twice a day. She said that if it was something wrong with your anatomy, then you would be throwing up more than that. She said that she didn't see why we couldn't try lowering your volume and increasing the calories for a couple weeks to see if that would keep you from throwing up. She said that you may be a volume limited kid. She said that she would notify nutrition and let them know what she thought. We made a follow up appointment for November, and she said that if we didn't need it that we could cancel.
I was happy about that because that is what we thought the whole time. We have to wait for the nutritionist to get back from vacation before we go ahead and figure out what to do next. Maybe we are finally getting somewhere!
We also had PT today. She is really impressed with what you are doing. She said that you are doing very well, and you keep improving each week. We have to change our time for next week because she is going to attend a field trip with her son, but at least she still gets to see you.
Tomorrow I am shipping out some of my milk to donate to a milk bank that uses it for human fortifier for preemies. I am so happy that I am able to donate so that other preemies like you can get the nutrition they need to grow big and strong. I will donate as much as I can, and I will make sure that you still have enough to get you to your first birthday, and possibly one year adjusted.
This weekend is the Virtua NICU reunion. I am really excited to go. I hope that we an see a lot of the nurses that took care of you. I can't wait to attend the reunion when you get bigger so you can participate in the activities that they will have!
We don't really have too much more going on until your weight check on October 5th. We also get to see your Neurosurgeon in October as well. Hopefully this time when we go we actually get to see him, and not someone else. I may call just to see if we can make sure to see him.
We are enjoying spending tons of time with you. We love seeing you learn new things and meet new milestones. You are such a good baby - you are always happy, you sleep through the night (with the exception of us having to wake you up to eat), and you just make us so happy. We love you more and more each day. We can't believe that you are almost 7 months old! Time goes by so fast and I am blessed to be able to spend these months at home with you. We love you, handsome!

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