Sunday, November 6, 2016

Pediatrician Appointment - October 5th, 2016

Today we had an appointment with the pediatrician for a weight check. We also had a couple questions about your hearing. Our PT told us to ask about it, and OT agreed. Other than that, you were doing fine.
We got to the pediatrician and got into the room. The nurse did a weight check and you were 13 pounds! She said that if we wanted, we could also get the flu shot today. Since our neonatologist said that she recommended it, we got it. You didn't even cry at all! We waited for the pediatrician to come in, which took longer than usual. Since it was taking so long, I decided not to waste time, and that we could practice tummy time on the table. I had my camera out, and caught you rolling over from belly to back for the second time! I was so excited for you!
The doctor came in and took a look at you and said that you looked great. I asked him about your hearing (you won't look towards sounds) and he said that usually that happens when you are a little older, but because we were concerned, he referred us to an audiologist. Another specialist.
Our next appointment is with the neurosurgeon on the 12th. Hopefully we get to see him this time! Other than that, you are doing so good and PT and OT always say how good you are doing.
We love you and are so happy with your progress. We enjoy watching you grow and learn new things every day.

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