Thursday, August 25, 2016

My first... - August 22nd, 2016

At 3:00 am when I woke you up to eat, I noticed that you now had at least 20 more petechiae. I got very nervous - you didn't have a wet diaper either and you ALWAYS have wet diapers. I woke daddy up and told him about it. I went back downstairs and took your temperature which was normal, and noticed you had peed a little bit. I felt a little better, and decided we would just watch you until the morning. We could then call hematology when we got to CHOP to see if they could fit you in.
At your urology appointment, you had your first giggle. I was kissing your belly and you giggled about 4 times! It was the best sound I have ever heard!!! We were so happy that we were able to get it on camera.
When the doctor came in, he told us everything that was wrong and told us how they would correct it. I was told in the NICU that you would have your hypospadias, circumcision, and hydrocele repaired at 6 months. However, the doctor informed me that you will have the surgery at 6 months corrected. Which would be when you are 9 months. It would be a 2 to 2.5 hour outpatient surgery. He said that sometimes they have to correct everything in two surgeries, but after looking at you, he thinks that he can do it in one surgery. Let's pray only one surgery is necessary! He gave us all the information we needed, including having to give you testosterone shots 5 weeks before surgery and then 2 weeks before so that they can operate on you easier. You will also have a stent stitched into you and we will have to come back two weeks after surgery to get it taken out. We have to get clearance from hematology and neurosurgery first before you can have surgery. We see neurosurgery in October so we can get clearance then, and I have to call hematology to get clearance from them. Other than that, we will schedule your appointment next month for sometime in November.
Another surgery that I will be a nervous wreck for! I'll never get used to you having surgery. Now I know how my parents felt when I went through 5 surgeries (and a traumatic childbirth). I pray that everything will be fine and we will be able to take good care of you at home after the surgery.
Later on daddy took me out on a date. Our first time away from you at the same time (besides the NICU stay). Mom Mom and Pop Pop watched you after your 6 pm feed. We had a nice dinner together. I wasn't as nervous as I thought I would be, but I still like to be with you as much as I can. I know that before I know it I will be going back to work and missing out on a big chunk of your life. I want to cherish every moment with you that I can, while I can!
We love you so much and love watching how much you are growing and learning. PT and OT are really helping, and they are both so impressed with all of your progress. I do have to say that I work hard every day making sure we practice what they tell us to practice. It is the only way we can keep up and hopefully get ahead of where we would be without them. Keep smiling and giggling!!