Thursday, August 18, 2016

Busy Day - August 10th, 2016

Today we had a very busy day. Three things happening today. First was a pediatrician appointment, second was PT, and third was a breastfeeding support group that I wanted to join. Then, it was definitely time to relax after such a busy day!
I brought you to the pediatrician this morning. It was supposed to be an appointment to check on how your feeding was going since we can't get in to see the feeding team until next month. They weighed you and you had only gained one pound in one month so they said that you were on the low end for gaining weight. In this month, you had your lip and tongue tie revised, and we took out your tube for 2 full days. You did not take 1/3 of what you should have taken during those two days, so of course you lost weight. When we go again on the 29th of August to the pediatrician, I know you will go back to gaining more weight than needed since we are back to your normal schedule. Other than that, she old us to go from 95 ml to 100 ml and after that to increase to 105 after four days and then to 110 if possible after four days.
At 12:30 you had PT. She says that you are doing well. You are getting lazy during tummy time and like to fall asleep instead of lifting your head. You were also very sleepy during the session, but she did what she could with you. She told us a few things that she wanted us to practice, and then she left.
Right after she left, we went to the breastfeeding support group. I was very nervous because I never go places if I don't know at least one other person there. I felt like I had to go because the LC that we saw said that I could stay a little after the group to talk to her without being charged. I thought that was very nice of her, and kind of felt obligated to go. We went and we had a good time. I met new moms and we talked about our struggles. I was the only one there that bottle fed, but everyone made me feel comfortable. I didn't feel like anyone was judging me. We were even invited to another breastfeeding support group every other Thursday at a different hospital. Another mom gave me her number and told me that if I wanted to go tomorrow, I could. I said I would let her know either way.
So, aside from it being a crazy busy day with these three things, today was the first day I took you out of the house by myself. No one was in the back seat to watch you. It made me very nervous and every time we stopped, I would reach back to see if you would move - which you did. I took you to the pediatrician alone, and then to the breastfeeding support group alone. We did great. I am still scared to do it again, but I am glad we did fine.
As for an update on eating, you did much better yesterday and today. I am hoping that as you heal, you get better and better with eating. They say it takes two weeks to heal, so we keep doing your exercises (which you scream while I do them) and hoping that it heals quickly.
We love you and love how well you are doing. You are growing so much and you are 10 lb, 7 oz. You are getting so big! Pretty soon you will be out of your 0-3 month clothes!