Tuesday, August 2, 2016

Procedure - August 2nd, 2016

Last week the only things we had going on were our PT and OT appointments. We practiced 3 times a day everything they asked us, and it paid off! The lady that does PT said that she noticed an improvement with you! She is going away so she won't be here this week, but gave us plenty of things to work on. We are trying to get you to hold on to things, and you are trying. We will get the hang of it. One thing that we can do now is lay on our side and then when we move a toy to the other side of you, you follow it and roll your body over. You are also unintentionally swatting at things which they said was good.
As far as OT goes, she has us do some weird things. She has us hold you in a blanket and lift you up and move you around. She wants us to massage you and massage your palms with a washcloth to get used to a different texture. This week she has us spin you in circles and make sure that you can find us after (not fast, and no more than three times). She also has us doing joint compressions. All interesting things!
As far as bath time goes, you don't mind it now that we do it in the hospital basin. You just sit there while we wash you and don't really show a like or dislike for it. We always weigh you after and we figured out that the scale at home is 2 ounces lighter than the scale at the doctors office. On Saturday, you were 10 lb, 5 oz! Getting so big!
As far as feeding goes, you were still doing poorly with bottle feeds. Taking a minimum of 4 ml and a maximum of about 27 ml. That isn't close to your full feeds at all. I have been reading in my preemie group that a lot of the moms demanded that their babies go ad lib - meaning their babies just eat when they are hungry so that they can take out the tube. For many of them, it worked. I asked the pediatrician and the feeding team about it, and the pediatrician said to go for it! We haven't heard back from the feeding team yet. Our pediatrician told us we could yesterday, and today we took out your tube and started feeding you when you were hungry. At first you weren't taking too much, but you are doing much better tonight. You took 2.5 ounces between 7 and 8. We are going to feed you soon and see how you do then. As long as you take between 20-25 oz a day, I think you will be good. Now lets just hope we can do that so we don't have to put the tube back in!
Tomorrow you have your lip and tongue tie revision at 8:15 am. I am SO nervous about it. I have heard from other people who had their babies revised that the babies scream when it is done and that they are very fussy for a couple days. Some babies eat a lot after, and some don't eat at all for a while. I really don't want to see you in pain, so I hope that you do well with this. People said to do a lot of skin to skin because that helps with the pain. So that is exactly what we will be doing! We also bought Tylenol just incase you need it. The dentist said that you shouldn't need it, but to bring it if we felt more comfortable. I called insurance to see if they cover the procedure, and they won't cover it until you are 2 years old. We will be paying out of pocket, but I hear it is worth it. I have heard it helps speech, eating, reflux, and a lot more. The tricky part will be going in your mouth to do the stretches every 4 hours so that the ties don't reattach. Pray for us!
Other than that there isn't too much going on. You have been talking and smiling more. You are such a calm baby. Every now and then you can be fussy, but boy did we get lucky with you! Even OT and PT say how calm you are. Definitely our little miracle. We love you buddy!!

Please pray that Mason is able to take enough milk to keep him gaining at least .5 oz a day.
Please pray that Mason's procedure goes well tomorrow and that he isn't in pain.
Thank you so much - we are so blessed to have you all in our lives!!