Thursday, August 25, 2016

Clearance! - August 15th, 2016

Over the weekend you were able to meet your Great Aunt Marybeth and Great Uncle Roy. We were so happy they came to visit and meet you! You also got to see Erin and Justin again. We also took you to Steve's birthday party, and you met a lot of friends there as well! We had a busy, fun-filled weekend!
Today, we had three appointments. One with Hematology, one with ENT and then your OT. At your hematology appointment, they told us that you would most likely always have your blood clot. That scares me to death - and that is even an understatement. They said that since you have had it for so long, it has hardened up and new veins grew around it so blood could get around the clot. They said that if we notice you favoring that leg when you start to crawl and walk, to let them know. They said that if that leg is cold and the other is warm, to let them know. Our concern was that parts would break off and go to your heart and they said that since it is hardened, it is very unlikely that that would happen. They said that your left thigh would always be a little bigger than your right because of the clot. They measured your legs and then told us that you were good to go and we did not need another appointment with them unless something was wrong. I asked them about two dots that I noticed that showed up - one on each foot and they said just to watch because it could be something called petechiae. Other than that, we were finally clear from one specialist! Woo hoo!
Right after our hematology appointment, we had our ENT appointment because we couldn't get your NG tube up your right nostril. It had never been in your right nostril since it was put in. The doctor came and said that he needed to do a scope, and I knew you were going to scream. He first put the scope up your left nostril and it went right in. He then took a look up your right nostril, and was able to go right in as well. He said that your right nostril was definitely narrower than your left nostril, but that we should be able to fit the NG tube up your right nostril. I thought that maybe they would do it for us - but they didn't. They said we could come back if we had any other issues and gave us a nasal decongestant to put in your nose before trying to fit the NG tube up your right nostril.
Our last appointment was with OT. She said that you were doing great and did her usual therapy with you. We are working on developing your vestibular system. You work on a yoga ball, we work on putting different textures in your mouth, doing joint compressions, and we also work on grasping and swatting at toys. Overall, she said you are doing well.
Phew. What a busy day. We are glad we are free from hematology, and that there is nothing wrong with your right nostril. You did spit up basically your whole noon feed at 2 today which is unlike you (but could just be because of your work with OT), so we will just have to watch to make sure everything is okay. Other than that, we are happy to be back home to relax!
We love you and are so proud of how well you are developing. You are doing great!! We are happy to be able to take you out of the house more, and can't wait to go on more walks with you once the weather cools down a bit!