Tuesday, August 9, 2016

Lactation Appointment - August 5th, 2016

Today we had our appointment with the lactation consultant. Daddy came with us since I still don't feel comfortable with leaving you in the backseat alone yet. I am glad he came to the appointment - he had a lot to add to the questions that the LC was asking us.
The LC was so nice from the moment she saw us. She asked us a bunch of questions and tried to make us as comfortable as possible. I brought the shields I was given in the hospital, along with the boppy. We told her our complicated medical history, and she started to help us out. She told us to do what we would normally do nursing wise, and I told her that we haven't done much in a while so I showed her what I learned in the NICU. You weren't a fan of much since you recently had your procedure. You didn't really want the bottle, a pacifier, or to nurse. You didn't really want anything in your mouth. The LC told us to try a few times and then take a break. Well, we weren't getting anywhere. She said that she thought you had a strong oral aversion, and she said that she was going to contact our pediatrician to see if we could get into therapy. I was planning on going to a breastfeeding clinic at the hospital next week, and I said I guess I shouldn't go then since he won't latch. She encouraged me to go and asked if I would be willing to stay after the clinic so we could see if we could do anything else. She said that I was still technically a breastfeeding mom since you were getting breast milk. I know that is true, but I was still so incredibly upset as we left.
She gave us a few things to try such as give you a bottle, then try nursing, then do your tube feed. She said to soak the nipple shield in my milk for about 15 minutes before trying to nurse, that way you smell the milk. She said to offer you the pacifier while you are being tube fed so that you could associate sucking with getting full. She said to still try to "suck train" as long as I could.
It was definitely an upsetting day for me. Daddy tried telling me that it was okay and that it had only been a couple days since you had your procedure. I was still so upset because I feel that nothing comes easy with this journey. But if this is the worst thing that is going on right now, I will take it. You are home, and that is all that really matters.
We love you so much and love seeing how much you are growing. You are smiling and talking a lot now. We actually haven't even had the monitor on you at night for a few nights now! You are doing great with PT and OT. We are so happy about your progress!!! Keep it up Mason!