Monday, July 25, 2016

Feeding - July 22nd, 2016

Yesterday for bath time we put you in a hospital basin and you did great. No crying or anything! I guess that is what we will do from now on since you seem to like that. After your bath, we weighed you and you weighed 9 lb., 13 oz. SO close to 10 pounds! That is crazy!
One thing that we need to work on is feeding. You have been doing great, up until today. Today you haven't really been taking as much as you have been, with 9 ml being your lowest feed of the day. You did take 25 ml once. I am hoping this is just a one time thing and you will be better with it tomorrow. This really worries me because if you stop progressing, I am almost positive that the feeding team will bring up the idea of a g-tube at your next appointment in September. That is not a surgery that I want you to have (not like I want you to have any surgeries), and I am just praying that you will start eating better tomorrow.
I contacted a LC for when you have your lip and tongue ties revised (hopefully) on August 3rd. It is not a definite yet, but we are going to go in for a consultation and he said that if we want you to revise them that day, we can, and if we want to wait, we can do that as well. It takes 3 minutes and there is no blood. This pediatric dentist lasers the ties and then you have to do two weeks of exercises to prevent them from reattaching.
The LC hasn't replied back to me, but the pediatric dentist recommended that I see the LC before and after our appointment since my goal is to try to breastfeed after the ties are revised. If it works out, great (I get a break from the pump), and if not, I am still blessed to be able to give you my milk regardless.
I am definitely nervous about the appointment, but I am hoping while we are there the dentist will make us feel more comfortable about it. If not, we don't have to go through with it. I have heard that it helps reflux, and I am hoping that it will help you eating as well. More pros than cons, and hopefully you do well through it.
We love you so much and enjoy watching you grow so much! Your smiles make my heart melt. You love to smile, and it is so nice to see!!!

Please pray that Mason continues to progress with his feeds and we do not have to have a g-tube.
Please pray that if we go though with the lip and tongue ties getting lasered, that it is relatively pain free and you have no aversions because of that.