Wednesday, July 6, 2016

Breaking Records! - July 4th, 2016

Yesterday was a very busy day, but it was great to be with family. We haven't all been together since last summer, so it was definitely nice getting together and having all of our children together as well! Today was a very busy day as well, and I am completely exhausted. I haven't napped in two days!
This morning we woke up and started to get ready for the day. Me and you hung out for a bit so daddy could get together everything he needed to cook for the day. Family came over this afternoon and Carter and Cal played outside in the pool. You and Row hung out outside with everyone when you guys weren't napping.
We had a lot of good food and had a great time hanging out with everyone. You had taken 20 ml in your bottle every feed throughout the day which was a first! Just in time for your speech appointment tomorrow! At 9 pm, I was nervous that you were going to take less than 20 ml, but you did great! You finally took 100% of your feeds. So exciting!
Later we gave you a bath and again, we set another record. You didn't cry at all during bath time like you usually do! We weighed you on our scale and you weighed 8 lb, 15.25 oz, which daddy calls 9 pounds. We will see how much you weigh tomorrow at the doctors. Usually our scale is about 2 ounces less than the scale at the pediatricians.
Other than that we had a great day. You enjoyed your first big party, and had an amazing day. We are so happy that you are now taking all of your bottle feeds! You still need to take the tube feeds as well, but we are making progress. I can't wait to see what they say tomorrow at your appointment. We love you and are so happy with the way you are progressing!