Saturday, July 23, 2016

Second Outing - July 17h, 2016

This morning we went out to breakfast with mom-mom. We were waiting outside for our table (the place is small inside) and I was carrying you. People did their usual "aww" and then a lady came up and asked how old you were so I did the "5 months but he was born 14 weeks early" thing and she said "is he going to be alright?" and I think after she said it she realized what she said. Yes mam, he is going to be okay, thank you for asking.
When we sat down to order, the waitress said "how old?" and I said 5 months and left it at that. She then said "wow, he is so small" and then of course I explained how you were premature. I decided that from now on I am going to just say you are whatever your corrected age happens to be at that time. Much easier that way.
Anyway - we had a good breakfast and you only cried for a couple minutes. It is a loud restaurant, so no one heard. You did great for your second outing!
Tuesday you have an eye exam and on Wednesday you have PT. Your first session. I am excited about it to see what types of things they will do with you. I am also excited to be able to learn about different things I can do with you to help you develop more.
We love you and are so happy that we are able to take you to other places. Of course we will only take you places when there are two of us since you sometimes choke in your car seat and we wouldn't be able to know that if no one was in the backseat with you. I'm sure the time will come before we know it where you will be alright on your own in the back. We can't wait to take you to other places!!