Friday, July 1, 2016

Quite A Scare - June 30th, 2016

Since I wrote the blog early on the 29th, you missed out on some important information. Daddy sat in the chair that I usually feed you in at your 9 pm feed, and he tried feeding you! He did a great job. I was there to coach him along. The way we have to hold you was a little uncomfortable for him, so he kept switching you from his right side to his left side. You choked towards the end and he did exactly what he was supposed to do to get you to breathe again. Unfortunately, because he kept moving you from side to side and you are super sensitive with food in your belly, you threw it all back up. Daddy felt discouraged after that and said to himself "I should of stopped earlier" which is exactly what I would say to myself in the hospital when you had an episode while eating. He said he now knows how and why I blamed myself when you had the episodes during feeds. However, I reassured him that it was not his fault. He did great!
This morning daddy was working and I had just finished mixing your milk for the day. I decided to sit on the couch and research where to get the cheapest pampers diapers (since I am cheap as daddy tells me). You have been doing these things where you look like you are choking/gagging the last couple days which I am assuming is reflux. I was going to ask the pediatrician about it. As I was sitting on the couch and you were in your mamaroo, I noticed you choking so I ran over and tried grabbing you out of your seat (which didn't work so well so I had to quickly unbuckle you) and usually you are fine. Not this time. As I grabbed you to pick you up and put you over my shoulder to pat your back, you went limp and your eyes rolled to the back of your head. Daddy yelled down "are you ok?" and I yelled back "no" and he never came downstairs. After I told him what happened, he said that I should of told him "no, he isn't breathing!" but now he knows when I say no, I mean no. He said usually he comes right back so he figured we were okay. Anyway, I put you over my shoulder and began hitting (not patting) your back and you finally started breathing again. Talk about scary. And people wonder why I won't leave you yet.
Today was the pediatrician appointment. I had prepared a list of questions (like always) and couldn't wait to see how much weight you had gained (even though we have a scale at home, I wanted to see how they compared). We got into the room and weighed you first and you weighed 8 lb, 13.5 oz! I knew when I picked you up this morning that you felt heavier! Next, the doctor came in and took all my questions before looking at you. He said you were gaining weight nicely and that we are doing a great job with you! I asked him about upping your Zantac dose, but apparently you are already beyond the max dose that you should have at this point. He said that usually babies with reflux don't gain weight good and don't sleep well at night, and you are doing great with both. He said that at our speech appointment next week, we can ask them if they feel that you need to be put on prevacid or Prilosec, but he doesn't think so. I also told him about your episode this morning and he said that gagging/choking is because of reflux, and he isn't worried about what happened this morning as long as it doesn't keep happening. He also wasn't worried as much because the event lasted 5 seconds or less. Daddy asked if we could take away one of your feedings so that we could get more sleep and the pediatrician agreed with him and said that he is a big proponent of never waking a sleeping baby. We are also going to increase your feeds gradually to 90 ml to make up for the ml that will be cut out. We are to increase the feeds from 75 to 80 ml for 3 days, then to 85 for three days, and then to 90 ml. This is to make sure that you can handle the increased food. We are thinking you will be able to since you are waking up early to eat. He said to talk with speech and make sure that they are okay with the plan, and to give him a call just to update him on what we talked about at the speech appointment on the 5th. He also said that since you were gaining weight so well, we no longer needed to see you weekly, we could come every other week.
On our way home, daddy had to stop at Lowes. Since it was time for you to eat (I got smart and brought your feed this time), I started heating up your food - except the bottle warmer must have tripped the car adapter and it wouldn't heat up. Daddy was going to bring us home, but since it was literally right there, I told him to stop quick. As daddy was in Lowes, I noticed that you smelled so I knew you pooped. I looked at your leg and it was coming out of your onesie and your shorts and I immediately grabbed a burp cloth and paper towel that we had and placed it under you so that I could at least save the car seat. Daddy came out and all we did was laugh. Needless to say, when you got home, you got a nice bath. I weighed you after your bath and our scale at home said that you weighed 8 lb., 11.25 oz. So, the doctors scale and our scale are off just a little bit. Anyway, we got you in your jammies and then went down to get more things done.
Today was the first day that I cooked dinner. It was an easy dinner, and it turned out well. I was happy to have had the time to cook while daddy watched you.
Later, the girls came over to see you. They brought us a lot of food, which was very nice of them. We love when people bring food! They stayed for a while and then I had to do your 9 pm care. They left around 10 pm which I now know can never happen again because I am dying this am! It was great to have them over for a bit anyway.
Tomorrow we have the Early Intervention Coordinator coming over to speak about finances with us. Hopefully this doesn't cost us too much money, but of course we need it for you. Hopefully since I am out of work it will be a little cheaper. We also have an appointment tomorrow with PT for EI. Next week is our meeting with OT, PT, DI, and SLP to come up with a plan.
I received an email back from the pediatric dentist about your lip and tongue ties. He said that it definitely looks like we have a problem, and he will accommodate us most likely in a month. He said that they are very busy right now, but he will do his best to get us in. He is the only pediatric dentist that people recommend in Philly to get the lip and tongue ties in infants revised by laser.
We love you and are so happy that you are okay after giving us quite the scare. You have given me a few scares since you have been home, but they were all with eating. I am hoping revising the lip and tongue tie help out your reflux. The tube doesn't help with you reflux either. Keep growing and developing little man!!