Saturday, July 16, 2016

Home Care - July 11th, 2016

This morning we had an appointment with CHOP home care. I wasn't entirely sure what this appointment was really for, but on the phone they said that they were from respiratory, so I figured it was about your pulse ox. I was right. A nurse came from CHOP to check the pulse ox, make sure everything was working correctly, and to see if we had any questions.
I did have one question for him. I have noticed that your oxygen level went down from 100% to 95% and sat at 95% all night last night. I was worried that I had got you sick. (By the way - I am STILL sick! Better, but still sick.) He said that it was completely normal, and that I should only worry if it is staying around 90 or below. Thank goodness.
Later today I took your temperature (because I am neurotic and I am convinced that you will get sick since I have been sick for what feels like forever) and it was 99.6. Great. You felt warm, and I just knew you were sick. I JUST started handling you again today. Daddy said that it was because you were in your bouncer and that you are always warm when you are in your bouncer. I said that I would take your temperature again later to see if it changed at all. If so, I was going to have daddy go out and get you some Tylenol.
I took your temperature the next time I did your diaper change. It was 98.6. Phew. Not sick! I did wear a mask this morning, just incase. I did not want to be the person to get you sick, because I would have been SO mad at myself.
Tomorrow we have a day off from appointments, and then on Wednesday, we have two appointments. The first one is at 9:30 with neurosurgery. The next one is at 5:20 with your pediatrician. After these appointments, we don't have another appointment until the 19th! Woo Hoo! Finally some quality time at home relaxing with you!!
We love you and love to see that you are starting to smile without it being gas related. It makes my heart melt. We are excited to see how much you weigh on Wednesday! You are getting to be a chunker!!