Sunday, July 10, 2016

Early Intervention Appointment - July 8th, 2016

This morning I woke up and still didn't feel well. As the day went on, I had the worst runny nose and continued to wash my hands after I blew my nose every single time. My hands are so dry and my nose is so raw! Another day that I do not get to take care of you.
Daddy had to go to work today since he stayed home with us yesterday. Luckily, grammy and poppy were here so that they could help take care of you. Grammy learned how to feed you so that daddy was able to leave the house. Of course I watched her like a hawk while she was feeding you because I didn't you to choke, but hopefully she realizes that I didn't mean to do it in a bad way. If that makes sense. I just am VERY overprotective with you since you are fragile. She ended up doing a good job and you didn't choke at all. I can't wait to feed you again!!
Daddy made sure to come home right before our appointment with Early Intervention to create our family plan. We weren't sure what to expect. I sat on the couch and looked at the milestones that you would be hitting if you were not a preemie (early intervention does not correct age) and put marks next to ones that we would like you to accomplish in the next 6 months. You will then be 10 months. I was hoping that this would help with our goals for you.
When the team arrived (PT, OT, DI, and the coordinator) we sat down at the kitchen table. We started with a family goal. Since we do not take you out in public yet or even out to friend's houses, we created a goal of getting you out of the house - slowly. Remember this is over 6 months! I'm sure a lot of people think I am crazy - and I don't care. Try having a preemie then come talk to me.
The next goal we started was PT. We said that we would like you to work towards crawling. The basically laughed at us and said that the PT that would be coming to our house would hate the PT that wrote the goal. I thought that was rude. No one has any idea what you are capable of right now. It is a GOAL. If we hit it, we hit it. If we don't, we don't but we are going to work towards it. I was a little upset after that goal - and I am sure everyone would understand why. After all, these are family goals, so if we want to see you crawl by 10 months, write it down and leave it at that.
The next goal was for OT. Since you HATE bath time (and we are awful parents and haven't bathed you since the 4th because I have been sick) they said that we should put you in a hospital basin and wash one part of your body at a time and then cover up that body part with a warm towel that just came out of the dryer. I think that is taking a few steps backward, but hey, we will try it. Hopefully you will enjoy bath time sooner than later.
After we created our goals, we talked about the services they recommended. They recommended PT and OT each once a week. They said that they can't really do much speech wise, so they don't think that it is necessary to have speech come at all. They said that the PT or OT can just watch to make sure everything is going well with speech, and if they think it is necessary to have a SLP, then we can have one down the road. The next step was to look at our schedules. Since daddy works every Tuesday and Thursday, we thought it would be best if they came on a Monday, Wednesday, or Friday. Apparently no one likes working on Friday, so no one is going to pick up a Friday (I wish I had a job where I didn't have to work on Friday if I didn't feel like it). An agency looks at the information and decides if they want the job. If not, another agency will pick it up. They said within two weeks we should get a call from the therapists or a scheduler. Then we can start the services which continue until they are not needed or until you are 3. After that, special health services will take over.
After that I started to ache all over. I was hoping that I didn't have the flu. I decided it would be best to sleep on the couch tonight. I put a heating pad on my back and I felt a little better. I actually slept through the night for the most part. I woke up when daddy came down to do your care, but other than that I slept. When I first woke up, I could breathe and didn't have to blow my nose a million times. However, when I got up, my nose was like a faucet. Ugh. I just want this sickness to be over so I can take care of you again! I am VERY lucky that you haven't caught my sickness yet. Hopefully it stays that way.
I am hoping tomorrow I feel better so that I can take care of you. Grammy and poppy were supposed to leave this morning, but I asked them to stay so that they could help out a bit more. We are lucky they agreed to stay one more day! We love you and love how much you are growing and changing!