Tuesday, July 5, 2016

Early Intervention - July 1st, 2016

This morning we had an appointment with the Coordinator of Early Intervention to talk about finances. Luckily, I am out of work, so with me being out of work and only daddy working, we have to pay $8.00 an hour per therapist. This is not to exceed $260 a month. When I go back to work, we have to pay $36.00 an hour per therapist. That is just crazy! I do not make that much money for it to jump that high! We have to pay it though, because we know you need it.
At the visit, she also asked us what our concerns were with you and told us a little bit about what would be going on at the appointment next Friday. We will have to let them know what we want you to do within the first six months and that is what we will work on. We will have different therapists come to the house - not the ones who came to assess you. We will all come up with a plan and then come up with a schedule for the therapists. More appointments!
We have an appointment tomorrow for PT to come from EI to assess you. She is coming at noon. That is the last person to come an assess you before our meeting next week. They will then determine what services we will need. I am assuming we will definitely need PT and OT, and I am sure they will recommend speech as well.
Other than that, nothing interesting happened today. You are doing so well at home! Luckily we haven't had another scare. I hope we never have another scare again. We love you so much!