Sunday, June 19, 2016

A Couple Firsts - June 19th, 2016

I have been told by a few people that they miss the blog posts. I will try my best to do at least every other day, and if I have time, I will do every day. Tough with not a lot of time to sleep, since you eat every three hours with bottle feed and NG tube.
Today we let daddy sleep in for the 3, 6, and 9 am feeds. We were going to cook him some breakfast, but he wanted bagels instead and went to go grab some for me too. You were awake for a bit after your 6 am feed, so I didn't sleep past 5:30 am. We cuddled in bed for a bit until we finally got up a when daddy left.
Since you were awake and cranky after your 9 am feed, we decided to take you for your first walk in the stroller. It was a success. You fell right asleep. Daddy was afraid that you would stay awake because the road was bumpy, but you loved it. It was starting to get hot and we were losing the shade we were walking in, so we cut it short and came back home. We took you out of your car seat and put you in your mamaroo and you stayed sleeping. I would say that you liked it!
Today was daddy's first fathers day. We got him a shirt and a matching one for you as well. too bad it didn't make it here on time. Luckily, we still had a cute little onesie for you that said 'Happy First Fathers Day. I love you.'. We were even able to get a great picture of him holding you and you smiling at him while you were looking at him.
We gave you a bath tonight and you hated every second of it. I tried to hurry to get you all nice and warm. Grammy keeps bugging us about your weight, and we were able to get that quick. You weigh basically the same as you did earlier in the week, 7 lb., 13.5 oz. Not sure how our scale compares with the one at the doctors office, but I guess we will see on Monday the 27th when we go back to see the pediatrician.
Other than that, we had dinner tonight with mom-mom and pop-pop for fathers day. You were awake a lot today which was great! Yesterday when you were awake for a long period of time we did some tummy time and you did great. Even when I burp you, you try to pick and keep your head up for a bit. We keep practicing every day. You keep getting better and better. You are so strong, but then again we all knew that from the beginning.
Since it is late (or should I say early), mommy has to get some rest before getting up again in a little less than 2 hours with you. We let daddy sleep for the 3 am feed. Speaking of feeds, you have been doing great. Over the last 5 days, the most you have taken was 71% of the maximum feeds you are allowed, with a low of 41%. Sometimes you are just so tired you don't want anything to do with the bottle, and other times you are so hungry that we have to feed you earlier than your schedule. Hopefully soon the pediatrician says we can do our own schedule, but I am assuming that won't be until your NG tube is out.
Anyway, we love you and are so happy to have you home and to enjoy you every second of the day. We hope you stay strong and continue to do well at home for us. We love you buddy and are so proud of you!