Saturday, June 4, 2016

Inconsistency - June 4th, 2016

When I called this morning to see how you did, she said that you had just taken 45 ml's for your 6 am feed. I said to her "did you just say 45 ml's??" and she said yes! You took for her 40, 0, 12, and 45 ml's. I was so happy when I heard those numbers. Even if you had a 0 in there, you need some rest which is expected. You only had one episode which she said was quick.
For your 9 am care, daddy and I took your temp and changed your diaper. When I fed you, you took 40 ml's. I was shocked. You never take that much from me! The best part was that you had no episodes. I feel like you are doing a great job now, and maybe the "lightbulb" went off.
The doctors rounded and said that they weren't going to make any changes, and they just wanted you to work on your PO feeds. The doctor today said she wasn't concerned about the events you are having since they are only with feeds.
You did not sleep one bit between your 9 am and noon feed. I knew that your noon feed wasn't going to go very well since you didn't get any rest in between. You definitely did better than I thought, and you took 15 ml. You fell right to sleep after that feed. Mom-mom, pop-pop, Aunt Judy, and Uncle Bill came to visit you. You didn't wake up at all for them, but at least they were able to see how much you have grown!
We had to leave shortly after because we had Cole's graduation party. I called while we were there to check on you and no one answered again. I hate when they do that! I called again when I got home and they finally answered. She said that you had events with your feeds and only took about 10-12 each feed since 3 pm. This frustrates me because you do so well, and then all of a sudden start having events. I am not sure if it is just that each nurse has her own way of feeding you and some don't work so well, or what it is. You haven't been having events for me so it is hard for me to hear when you do. We are going to speak with the doctors on Monday to see what we can do since you are not having events for me and for some nurses, but having events every feed for others. I was so happy this morning and afternoon with how well you were doing, and now I am upset and frustrated because it seems like you aren't doing well again and I am not sure why. I wish I could just stay for every feed and see how you did. Which I still might do soon if this keeps happening. Ugh.
We love you and hope you do better tonight. I hope it isn't just the nurse that isn't able to read your cues. I would hate for this to happen for every feed over night. The SLP did say you were a difficult baby to feed. Hopefully you get better at showing the nurses what you want, and hopefully the nurses get better at paying attention to you so you have no more episodes. I will admit, it is definitely difficult to read your cues and to pay careful attention so events are prevented. Anyway, we will see you in the morning and I will be there to do your 9 and noon feeds and to speak with the doctors about what they think we should do. Miss you buddy.