Saturday, June 11, 2016

Still Keeping Us on Our Toes! - June 11th, 2016

When I called the nurse this morning, she told me that you took your full feed at 9 pm without any episodes. At midnight and three am, you took only 10 ml because you lost interest. No episodes with the feeds, but you did have an episode where your heart rate dropped to 78 at 4 am while you were sleeping. After telling me this, she told me that someone wanted to speak with me about discharge. I waited on the phone and the resident picked up and said that they called in your prescriptions and just wanted to let me know. She also said that she saw you had an event while sleeping at 4 am so discharge may not be happening anymore. She said she would have to speak with the doctor about it, but she could go either way. And this is why I said I didn't want to get my hopes up (and after yesterday, my hopes were up).
At about 8:45 I started doing your care since you were awake. I changed your diaper and took your temp. The nurse asked me if I have given you your meds before and I said yes, so she left them all on the nurse's station for me. She got your bottle together for me and I started feeding you your bottle. You did a great job until the very end, where you dropped your heart rate to 62. I said to you "you really don't want to come home, do you!?" So I hung the rest of your feed and was upset about getting my hopes up, knowing that it was possible for this to happen. I held you for a bit and then the doctors rounded.
They asked how we were doing and I said that I didn't think you wanted to come home because you just dropped your heart rate to 62 while taking your last sip from the bottle. The doctor said not to get upset yet, to look at the bigger picture. She said that you haven't had any events while sleeping in a very long time, and the one you had at 4 am was self resolved. She said that we would have a pulse ox at home which would alert us if that happened, but she doesn't think it will. She said that we would continue to watch this weekend to see if it would happen again. As for your feed at 9 am, she said that yesterday when we increased your feed from 15 ml to 20 ml, we knew that we were pushing you, so there was a possibility of that happening. She said that as long as it didn't happen all the time that it would be fine. She said that we could also go back to the 15 ml, but she didn't think that we needed to since you did so well yesterday. She said that she thinks we are still good for discharge early this week, and we will just continue to watch to see how he does. She said that if we didn't feel comfortable leaving, that we could stay. She said she wouldn't let him leave if she was worried about anything. The nurse said to bring in the car seat, and I told the doctor that I still needed to do your NG tube. Other than that, we are pretty much set for discharge, as long as you decide that is what you want.
As I was sitting there, there was a "Code Blue" called for the next pod over. I prayed for the baby when that happened. They never called off the code, but I just assumed they forgot. I put you in your bouncer since you were still wide awake to see if you would sleep at all in there. You finally started to fall asleep around 10:15 - 10:30. I wasn't sure if you would wake up at all for your noon feed.
At noon, you were still sleeping. I woke you up to do your care, then I went to feed you and your eyes were closed. I told the nurse that I wasn't going to chance it at all and that I was just going to drop your feed. She agreed. As I was getting everything set up, I heard a very loud scream/cry in the other room. I looked at someone in my room and we looked confused. I then realized it was a mom crying and screaming. I looked at the nurses and the looks on their faces were very upsetting. There were curtains around the entrance of the pod, and from what I understand, the baby in that pod didn't make it. I had tears in my eyes and one of the nurses asked if I was okay. I was holding you at this point and I squeezed you a little tighter than usual. You just never know what could happen. I prayed and prayed for that baby and the family.
I held you until mom-mom came to get us. She brought the car seat for you so that you could take your test. The nurse was unsure of when the test would happen, and I would assume maybe tomorrow since the test expires if you don't go home when you are supposed to. I told them to make sure to call me when it happens and to let me know if you passed. We left shortly after I put you back in your bouncer. You were passed out. I hope you got some great sleep!
I called around 6:40 pm to see how you did the rest of the day. She said that for your 3 pm feed you had a cluster of events but you came back on your own. I asked her how much of the bottle you took before that happened and she said 3/4. She also said that you have been waking up about an hour earlier than your normal feed time, so your schedule is a little off today. Other than that she said that you were doing well.
I hope that you do well over night. I hope you get some good rest and have no episodes. Daddy and I are going to come tomorrow and I am going to change your NG tube. Hopefully everything goes well and you are still on schedule to come home. If not, its not the end of the world. It is best if you stay and get better rather than come home. We love you and can't wait to see you tomorrow!!