Tuesday, June 21, 2016

Appointments, Appointments, Appointments! - June 21st, 2016

I feel like all I have been doing is answering phone calls and making appointments lately. Besides snuggling you of course! We are so lucky to have such great insurance. I have no idea where we would be if it wasn't for the good insurance - probably in a cardboard box. No but really, we are fortunate.
Tomorrow morning we have an appointment with Early Intervention Services at 9:30 am. They said that it would be a two hour appointment where they evaluate you and let us know exactly what they saw at the end of it. Usually that is when they let you know if you qualify for their services, but we already qualify because of your medical condition. I am definitely interested to see what they say tomorrow and interested to see what services we will need from them.
Another phone call I received today was from CHOP with their insurance coordinator. She told me that we would meet with the feeding team which consisted of four specialists. Our insurance covers everything and we just have to pay a co-pay (one for each of the specialists). After letting me know that information, she said that we should be getting a call within the next few days to schedule an appointment with the feeding team.
Tonight Aunt Karen and Uncle Dave came over to see you. They brought us some dinner and we were definitely thankful for that. Any time that can be freed up is great! They both were able to hold you and Uncle Dave finally broke his record - he said that every time he holds a baby they spit up on him. You did not spit up on him! You stayed awake from the time they got there during your 6 pm feed and your 9 pm feed. You did not get to bottle feed at 9 pm because you finally fell asleep just as I poured your bottle.
Other than that, we have been doing the same routine basically every day. I am trying to add in more tummy time and reading to you. After bath time three days a week, we go into your room and read a few books. I would like to do that every day, not just after a bath. I would also like to go for more walks, but that requires us to go early or late since it has been so hot out. I am confident we will be able to fit it all into our daily schedule one of these days!
We love you and love being able to watch you grow. We weighed you after your bath tonight and you weigh 8 lb, 3 oz! I can't believe how fast you are growing. It is crazy. You are slowly growing out of your newborn clothes. I don't want this to go so fast!! Slow down buddy!! At least we get to cherish every second of every day with you now that you are home. I love being your mommy and I know daddy loves being your daddy as well.