Wednesday, June 15, 2016

First Full Day Home - June 15th, 2016

Last night you pretty much slept through the night, and we had to wake you for your feeds. Most of them we just dropped your feed because you were sleeping. You slept in your bassinet for half the night, and then your bouncer for about 2 hours. I got up with you at 6 am and basically stayed awake the rest of the day (with the exception of a 20 minute nap).
We had a pediatrician appointment today. They let us go in the "back " door (the back door was actually in the front) so that we didn't have to go through a waiting room at all (sick or not sick), and they got us right into a room. The doctor was thorough and took all of the questions we had. He said that you will go weekly for now, because you are basically 2 weeks old. You will get your 4 month old shots on June 27th. Not looking forward to that - I actually have to be there this time! He gave us a lot of good information and looked you over and said you looked good. You have a "Stork bite" - apparently it is a birth mark on the back of your neck that usually goes away. You weigh 7 lb., 13 oz. You are a chunker!! I love it!
Our days consist of the same thing every three hours. We are starting to learn to do things more efficiently as we go. Today I made all your "bottles" until 9 am tomorrow. Tomorrow morning I will do the same thing instead of making them every 3 hours. The reason I say "bottles" is because you get 20 ml by bottle, and the rest by gravity. I just make 75 ml bottles to heat up and then pour the 20 ml from that into your bottle.
We are still trying to get a routine going, but we are making progress. It is hard when it basically takes both of us to do your feeds (although I did do everything at 3 am so daddy could sleep - remember he is still working even though he is home with us). We are great with helping one another. I always thought it would be super stressful and would cause us to fight but it actually not that way at all. Whatever he needs me to do, I do, and whatever I need him to do, he does. Teamwork! Since daddy is a night person, he lets me nap between your 9 and midnight feed, and since I am a morning person, I let him sleep through the 3 am feed. He still is nervous to bottle feed you, so as long as you continue to do well with me every feed, he is willing to start trying next week. He is also a pro at changing poopy diapers now! I knew as soon as we got home he would be a fantastic father (not to say he wasn't in the hospital - he was just super nervous)!
Uncle Ryan came to visit you today since he was in town. Daddy showed him how well he can change a diaper, and then we had some dinner and ice cream. In a few weeks all of your aunts, uncles, and cousins will be here to visit you! We can't wait!
I know this is an early post, but as I stated earlier, I nap a little later and I find it hard to write this when I wake up. I am sure you guys don't mind!
We love you so much and are having the best time finally being able to care for you at home. We are so blessed to have you come into our lives.