Monday, June 13, 2016

Big Day Tomorrow! - June 13th, 2016

This morning when I called the nurse said you did great. She said you took 3 out of your 4 feeds (all 20 ml every time). She said that she gave you a bath and you hated every second of it. She said you were so cute and she was so excited for us that you were coming home soon.
when I got there, you were wide awake. The nurse said you were awake and content when she got there as well. I knew you wouldn't eat for 9 am. Just like I predicted, you fell asleep at 8:45 am. Luckily, the nurse already took your temp and changed you, so all I had to do was check your residual, test the Ph and drop your feed. I held you for awhile after that until the ophthalmologist came.
He came and did his thing real quick. He didn't say anything other than you would need a follow up in two weeks instead of one week. He said that you could have your follow up at Virtua so we didn't have to come all the way to CHOP. That is what we plan on doing.
The doctors rounded while I was holding you and went over a few things. They asked if I had your prescriptions and I told them about CVS calling and saying they don't make the concentration of the vitamin D that we want. They said that the CVS in the hospital does, so we can get it there. They told me about your blood work this am and everything looked good except your platelet count. Apparently it came back low. They said that usually your platelet count is high, and they said that your blood could of clotted in the tube when they collected it, so they were going to try again at 3 pm. If your platelet count stayed low, you would not be able to come home.
You slept until I had to wake you up at noon. I changed your diaper, took your temperature, checked your residual, checked the Ph, and then I got your bottle ready. I put you in the side lying position, and you fell asleep. I sat you up to wake you up a bit and you wanted nothing to do with the bottle. I tried for about 5-10 minutes to get you interested, but the only thing you were interested in was sleeping. I put you back in your crib so I could hook up your feed and dropped your whole feed again.
I went quick to grab a snack before we had our 1 pm appointment. As I was coming back up, I met our old neighbor on the west side. She said that she was happy but sad to see us back. I told her we were going home tomorrow and she asked if we were going back to Virtua, or home. She was excited for us. I asked her how her little one was and she said they have been telling her they could go home and then changing the date. I told her we knew how that was and we would be thinking of them. Daddy came down the stairs as we were chatting, and then we went to sit and eat a snack quick.
We went back in your room and the lady was already there waiting for us from the medical supply company. She told us what we would be getting and what insurance would cover each month. She went over some paperwork with us and told us what number to call if we needed more supplies. She asked if we would be okay with the 3 pm appointment earlier than 3 pm and we were happy about that. About 20 minutes later, the nurse came with the pulse ox and showed us how to use it. She set it all up and then she took it apart and had me do it. After that, our nurse got us a ton of medical supplies just incase we needed extra and just incase the company doesn't bring your supplies until later tomorrow. We packed up a lot of your things, and left for the day.
We came home and got everything else ready that we could think of. I planned on going to bed early, but I still have a few more things I need to do. We are having a friend paint "Always stay humble and kind" on your wall in your nursery. We love that song for you! Anyway, I should get going to get my last "good" nights rest for a bit! We are so excited and can't wait to have you home. We love you so much!!

I am going to continue to write this blog as Mason continues to grow. For the readers - I am going to try my best to write every night, but I am not sure how good it will work out. I will try my best as I want to document Mason's journey through life. I think it would be cool to document as much as I can, as we never remember our early years of life. Thanks for continuing to read Mason's journey!!