Tuesday, June 28, 2016

Speech EI - June 27th, 2016

Early Intervention wanted Speech to assess you, so a lady came today for that. She came right before your feed so she could see exactly what we do. She basically had all the information she needed from our assessment last week, but she went over everything just to make sure the other specialists didn't leave anything out.
She had me do our usual routine which consists of changing your diaper, checking your pH level, heating up your milk, putting 20 ml in a bottle, sitting down to feed you for either 20 ml or 20 min, then putting you in your mamaroo to finish the rest by gravity. While we did this, she asked me a lot of questions and I told her about the swallow study at CHOP, why we feed you on your side, how long we pace, etc. I old her we didn't have a follow up appointment with the feeding team at CHOP until August 15th, so I felt like we were just sitting back getting nothing accomplished. She said that she would call again, especially since speech at CHOP said that they wanted to see us at the end of June. She said that she is unable to tell us what to do as far as how many ml to bottle feed, etc. She would just be there for support for whatever the feeding team told us to do. Since I have what we do now under control (she asked me why he didn't have a pulse ox if his heart rate drops during feeds and I told her I know all of his cues now), I really don't think we need her, especially if we have to pay to have her come out every week. We will see what happens when we have our meeting with all of the specialists and see what they recommend. Our next meeting is Friday with the coordinator to see how much we have to pay out of pocket. PT is also supposed to call this week and schedule an assessment with us.
Today was the first day that I was able to get up at 7 and stay up with you. I did have to take a nap, but I felt like I got a lot done earlier. We did some tummy time, which you weren't took interested in this morning. We looked at a toy on your activity gym (didn't want you to get overwhelmed), and when I noticed you were falling asleep, we put you in your lounger since you are so used to the mamaroo and bouncer.
Daddy cooked mom-mom, pop-pop and me a yummy dinner. You were awake basically from 12-3:30 and then from 6 to 9:30. That was the most we have seen you awake! You slept great last night (or maybe I slept great) but you usually do. Tomorrow you get to take a bath (your favorite - jk) and we will see how much you weigh. I think the pediatrician needs to up your milk intake by a little bit because you are getting hungry sooner and don't seem to be gaining weight as quickly as you did before. I have to call to make you an appointment this week.
Anyway, I will write tomorrow to let everyone know how you did with bath time, how much you weigh, and how your ophthalmology appointment goes. Then hopefully we can skip a day with appointments. We need at least one day free of appointments this week!
We love you so much and are so happy to be able to see you grow every day. You are growing out of your newborn outfits, and are now into 0-3 clothing. You are also growing out of your newborn diapers and into size 1! You are growing so fast!!!