Sunday, June 12, 2016

Car Seat Test - June 12th, 2016

This morning I called to see how you did over night and they told me that you passed your car seat test! We hoped that you would since you sit in your bouncer a lot. You now weigh 7 lb., 8 oz. You had a cluster of events over night but she said it wasn't bad and you came right back on your own.
When we got there you were already getting your bottle (we got there later than usual) and you took all 20 ml. We then got your gravity feed together and did that. I held you for a bit and then the doctors rounded. Daddy and I switched when the doctors rounded because I had questions that I wanted to ask them and the questions were written down in my notebook. They wanted to change you to 75 ml so that it was easier for me to make your milk when we come home. I have to mix a little formula in to make sure that you keep gaining weight nicely. We also spoke about you coming home tomorrow - but we said we would rather take you home on Tuesday because we have appointments at 1 and 3 tomorrow and after all that we wouldn't want to sit in traffic to bring you home. So Tuesday it is!
Aunt Karen and Uncle Ron came to visit you today. You stayed awake for a good amount of time and finally fell asleep around 10:45. I knew you wouldn't be awake for your noon feed. I still had to change your NG tube before we were discharged, so I decided I would do that before your next feed. Around 11:45 I changed your NG tube and then we did your diaper, and I tried bottle feeding you. You were so tired, and you only took 1 ml. I didn't want to risk more, so we dropped the feed.
After that daddy held you for a little bit until we went to get a snack. When we came back we held you for a little and then we had to leave.
I called at 6:40 pm to see how you did for your 3 and 6 pm feeds. She said that you had n episodes and that you took the full 20 ml at 3 and then you took 13 ml at 6. She said you were getting tired and didn't want to chance that.
Everything is now ready for you to be discharged. We have your eye exam and our medical supply appointments tomorrow. Other than that, you are ready to come home! We can't wait. I know we will be walking zombie pretty soon, but it will all be worth it. We love you, little man. See you tomorrow!!