Tuesday, June 28, 2016

Busy Day! - June 28th, 2016

This morning we got up and did our usual routine. I tried to get as many things done as I could because we had the eye doctor at 11:15. Needless to say, I didn't get as much stuff done as I wanted to, but knew I would be able to get it done when we came home. As I was thinking about our appointment, I wondered if we should bring you food since you eat at noon, but the appointment in myCHOP said it would only be 15 minutes so I opted not to.
As we were driving to the appointment, I said to daddy that I had no idea how it would only be 15 minutes because at the hospital they had to put eye drops in your eyes for a bit before the doctor came to look at your eyes. I said maybe since your eyes were getting better that they didn't have to do that anymore. I was wrong.
We got to the office and signed in. They called you back not too long after we checked in. The nurse said that she had to put eye drops in your eyes, come back in ten minutes, put another set in, and then come back to see if your eyes were dilated. If they were, then all was good, if not, they would have to put another set of eye drops in. Luckily after the second set, your eyes were ready to go. Of course you had to make it interesting and spit up all over me and yourself so in between we also had to change you.
The doctor came in and had me sit in the chair with you. We went over some of your history and then he looked at your eyes and said that they were still getting better. One of your eyes was even almost at stage one again. He said he didn't need to see you again for another two weeks. Daddy took you to the car as I checked out and made our next appointment. As I was trying to check out, there were no receptionists, and the line to check out was getting longer and longer. A lady came up and said to us "it looks like they all took lunch at the same time. Someone will be back soon." How in the world do you let everyone take lunch at the same time? Ugh.
We were late for your feed obviously by the time we got home, but you did take all 20 ml by mouth that you are allowed to and then we dropped the rest. Again, you like to make things interesting, so as we sat down to eat our lunch, you decided to rip your tube out. We had a hard time this time getting it back in, but eventually we did. You were then way off schedule so we decided to feed you a little later than 3 because we didn't want to over feed you.
We had bath time after I took a short nap. You didn't cry as much as you usually do during bath time, which is great. We weighed you and you weighed the same as before, 8 lb, 9.25 oz. I am hoping the pediatrician says that we can increase your feed since you are basically staying at the same weight now. We will see.
Matt and Courtney brought dinner over for us which was great because I was so behind with everything I had to get done. Courtney held you for a bit and then they left. It was nice to relax for a bit, but now I am up when I should be sleeping because I have so much to do still! It will all get done eventually.
Tomorrow is the only day this week that we do not have an appointment to go to. Yesterday was speech, today was ophthalmology, Thursday is pediatrician and Friday is EI. I am assuming we will have a PT assessment in there as well, or maybe that will be in the beginning of next week. Or maybe not since next week is 4th of July. Looking at our calendar for next month, right now we have one appointment per week, which is going to quickly change once we get a schedule for EI. I am assuming we will be back to 4 appointments each week.
Anyway, I need at least some sleep, so I am going to go for now. We love you so much and love spending so much time with you. We can't wait to have you awake more often so that we can do more with you!