Thursday, June 16, 2016

Loving Life - June 16th, 2016

A little late with this post today. Not too much changes from day to day, so I will probably start posting when something new happens so that I can enjoy more time with you.
I decided I would try you off of your monitor today for a while since I was awake with you and daddy and I think it is VERY annoying. You have done so good since you have been home, so we felt comfortable doing that. Besides, the doctor said she didn't think you needed it, but if it gave us peace of mind, we could have it. She did warn us how annoying it was. Anyway, you did great all day without it. The only time we really put it on now is when we are sleeping at the same time. I am still nervous about something happening in your sleep, although you haven't done anything in a long time like that. Better to be cautious.
You have been doing amazing with your bottle feeds. Amazing. One of the nurses and possibly the doctor said that we might get home and he might do better because we are both more comfortable. That is so true for me at least. In the hospital I was nervous to feed you all the time because I was afraid you were going to have an event and delay you coming home. Now, since you are home, we are more relaxed and I still watch for any cues that you may stop breathing. We use the monitor frequently for feeds as well, but I haven't been using them today. Out of your 8 feeds today, there were only two that you slept through, and the rest you took 16 ml or above. At midnight you took 16 ml, and all the others you took 20 ml. There was only two times that you coughed a little.
Daddy has been working all day and all night for us. He is working as I write this, and it is 1:15 am. He works so hard for us, especially because I am no longer getting paid to be home with you. He is definitely someone you will want to look up to as you grow up!
We had no appointments today, but our pediatrician called to see if we had any questions that we forgot to ask yesterday. I thought that was nice of him to call us and ask. He told us that if we ever have any questions, never to hesitate to contact them, no matter how small the issue. I did ask him if we should make an appointment next week or if it was okay waiting until Monday the 27th for our next appointment. He said that we can wait as long as we feel comfortable and you didn't need anything. We are going to ask when we go if we can increase your bottle feeds since you are doing so well. You have been showing cues a lot lately, even after we are finished with the 20 ml.
Life with you couldn't be more perfect. I enjoy ever single second of being with you. No matter how tired I get, I am the happiest mama out there. I love taking care of you. Since daddy works so hard for us, I let him sleep though some of the overnight feeds so that he can get his rest since he is still working. I told him I would never complain about having to take care of you. I also think I have a completely different perspective than most first time parents. We are truly blessed to be able to have you here today. We love you buddy. Keep doing well!