Friday, June 10, 2016

Woo Hoo! - June 10th, 2016

I called this morning to see how you did over night and she said that you did great. No events with any of your feeds. Phew. I was so happy to hear that. She said that you weigh 7 lb., 4 oz.
I got there this morning and the nurse you had yesterday was not there. Another nurse approached me and said that she would be your nurse until she left. She said she didn't know when she was leaving, but it was possible that she would leave and another nurse in your pod would take over. She also said that she heard that I do all of your care now. She definitely took that literally! Usually the nurses get your bottle together with your 15 ml for me and get out the supplies I need to hang the feed. They also check your residuals and Ph level. This nurse did none of the above. But I do like getting thrown into things because I learn much quicker. I took care of everything this am for you! No need for a nurse at all now! I did your diaper and temp, changed your pulse ox, got your bottle ready, fed you (you took all 15 ml with no events), checked your Ph level and residual, dropped your feed, disconnected your feed, and then held you for a while. I need to get my nursing degree stat!
The case manager came around and said that she contacted the doctors about the monitor and said that they were going to discuss it today. She said that if I found out before she did, to contact her so that she would know what was going on.
The doctors rounded and said how well you were doing. I didn't expect that. I thought that they would say something about yesterday for sure. They said that since you were doing so well, that we could up your PO feed to 20 ml. I was nervous about that, but it shows progress! I did make sure to mention the episode from yesterday just incase, and I told them I spoke with speech and we came up with a plan not to PO feed you if you stay awake between feeds. Other than that, they said that they were going to speak with the case manager about the monitor and everything else was staying the same.
I put you back in your crib again so that I could get everything together for your noon feed. I did the same thing that I did at 9 (all your care) and you took all 20 ml with no events. Phew. It is always a relief when we get through a feed with no events. I held you after I took care of everything until daddy came.
When we were in the car on the way home, I got a phone call from the case manager and she said that she just missed me. She said that she spoke with speech and they think it is best if you come home on a pulse ox, and not a monitor. She said it is less intrusive, and still gives us the info we need to pay attention to. She wasn't sure if it was covered by insurance yet, but she would let us know as soon as she could. She said the best medical company to go with now was an in house medical supply since you were getting the pulse ox. She said they would be contacting us later about everything.
When we got home the medical supply company called. They said that the pulse ox is covered 100% by insurance. They said that they would be by the bedside on Monday to show us how to use the pulse ox. We have an appointment at 3 pm to learn how to use the pulse ox, and we also have an appointment at 1 pm on how to do the gravity feeds (although I am already a pro - I guess the medial supply team has to go over it).
Another phone call that came in a little later was CVS. Why you may ask? The doctors called in your prescriptions!!! That means we are super close to having you home! Woo hoo! They said that they needed your information and they wanted to let us know that one of the three prescriptions are covered by insurance, and the others are over the counter. He said that the cost isn't too much for the other two medicines, but we will see what that means when I go to pick them up. They also said that two of them weren't in stock, so they will have them by Monday at 6 pm which should be fine.
I was very tired so I went in your room to sit in your glider for a few and I ended up falling asleep. I woke up in a panic hoping it wasn't 7 pm yet because I needed to see how you did today. Luckily, it was 6:52 pm and I called quickly. The receptionist said that it was close to 7 pm and she didn't think they would answer but she would try to put me through. I knew she didn't put me through or even try when I didn't hear the music in the background. I stayed on the phone because I know the call comes back to her if you wait long enough. She answered about 3 minutes later and said "Oh, you're still waiting? What's your name and care code?" Glad you asked me that the first time. Anyway, she put me through and the nurse answered. She said that you did great and you took 20 ml at 3 and 6 and had no episodes at all. Great job buddy! We are officially 24 hours with no episodes! Keep it up!
I can't wait to come see you tomorrow. This time I get to place your NG tube. The only other thing after that is your car seat test. I am assuming they will do that Sunday or Monday night. We are praying that you pass! We will see you tomorrow morning! Hope you have a great night!!!