Tuesday, May 3, 2016

And We're Back! - May 3rd, 2016

This morning speech came to feed you. She listened to your lungs as you were just sucking on your paci and then she put a drop of breast milk on the paci and put it in your mouth, and then finally she gave you the bottle. You started coughing after and she said that she thinks that it is unsafe right now to bottle feed you. She said that boys take longer to learn how to feed. She also spoke about a swallow study, but you are too young to have thickened liquids, so they won't do that for another 8 weeks, if they have to at all. They said it may just be a "preemie thing" and you may grow out of it fast.
When the doctors rounded today they asked if we wanted to go back to Virtua, as there was a bed open. I asked a bunch of questions about your care and what would be taken care of differently if we were to leave. The doctor said there is no medical reason to stay at CHOP, as they will do the same exact thing the Virtua would do if we were to get transferred. I asked the doctors what they would do, and they said that they would go back to Virtua to be closer to home since you were stable. After speaking with daddy, we decided it would be best to go back to Virtua. A few hours later, mommy went in the ambulance with you back to our old "home".
When we came back to Virtua, they did all the necessary admission stuff. After they finished, you settled down a bit and were able to go to sleep. You woke up for your feeding and care. As mommy was changing your diaper, you decided to pee on the wall, and poop all over mommy's hand! First time you pooped on me! I can't wait for daddy to start changing your diapers! Although after seeing you poop on my hand, I'm not quite sure he will want to anytime soon! It is true - if it is your kid, you really don't mind pee or poop on you. Weird!
We stayed for a bit to meet your night nurse. So far I like both of the nurses we have had. We spoke with them about continuity of care and it seems like you will have the same nurses all of the time, unlike CHOP.
Tomorrow will be the first time in a while that I will be able to sleep a little longer than 6:45 am. I can now come and go as I please and daddy will be able to see you more! We are happy that we are back. Hopefully in a few weeks you will be coming home. We just have to practice eating!!
We love you buddy. You had a lot go on today, and you still did great. I will see you tomorrow for your care at 8:30 am! Hope you sleep well in your new home!!