Friday, May 6, 2016

More Episodes - May 6th, 2016

I got there this morning and was able to meet with speech. We tried to do some nutritive breastfeeding but you weren't really wanting to do much. Speech asked if we could get a consult for your lip and tongue tie. She also said that you had a shallow latch, which hurts mommy. We switched pretty quickly to non-nutritive, and from there, speech decided that we were not going to do any nutritive feeds, only non-nutritive. This weekend, my goal is to do non-nutritive feeds, and paci-dipping where we dip your paci in the breast milk, and put it in your mouth so you learn to swallow better. Then we will meet with speech again on Monday.
I held you during your feed and then I had to go turn in my car since the lease was up. I told your nurse that I would try to be back for your next feeding, but probably wasn't going to make it until your 2:30 feeding.
I got back at 1:30 pm. The nurse told me that you had 6 episodes while I was gone. I didn't feel comfortable doing non-nutritive, so we didn't. It was time for me to pump, and then to do your care. Daddy and mom-mom came for a bit. You decided you were going to have a few episodes, and turn pale again.
The nurse said she thinks that you are going to have to have a blood transfusion - exactly what I told the doctors yesterday. I told them this is what you do when you need blood, and they told me that they were just going to watch you because you needed to start making your own blood. I told the nurse what the doctors said and she said that she was going to speak with them because she has seen a change in you already in the few short days that you have been there. I told her your heart rate is never over 200 when you get mad and it has been for the last week or so. I also told her that your heart rate is usually in the 130's-140's range and it has been in the 170's-180's range. Increased episodes and high heart rate along with being pale are your signs that you need a blood transfusion. I guess we will have to see what they say.
I am going to call later to see how you have been doing. I hope we let you rest and I hope they decide to transfuse you. You are a whole new person when they transfuse you! I will see you in the morning love. I miss you already!!We love you!