Tuesday, May 24, 2016

We Have Arrived - May 24th, 2016

This morning I decided to stay home for your 8:30 feed so that I could get stuff done at home since now I will be spending long days at CHOP. I got a phone call at abut 9:45 from Virtua, telling me that the transport team would be coming at 11 am. I quickly finished bagging some milk, got together what I would need, and went to the hospital.
When I arrived at the hospital, the eye doctor was examining you. I didn't think that he would come today since you were leaving. However, he examined you and said that your eyes look better than they did last week. Phew! We could use some good news!
I took a few things to the car really quick that we wouldn't need at CHOP. When I came back they were waiting for me to sign papers and to get you ready to go. I asked them if I could ride in the ambulance with you and they said that I could. I said goodbye to some of the nurses, and off we went.
The ride was uneventful and they said that you slept the whole time. I stayed with you as we went into CHOP and into your new room. We are on a different side this time, which is even less private than your old room at CHOP if you could imagine that. As we walked in, one of my favorite nurses that you had before was there and we both were so excited to see each other again. We hugged and talked about how it was luck that she was admitting you because you now have a new team of nurses (and she is not on that team - the team was just short today). She let the other team know that we were back, just incase they wanted to come visit you. Luckily, we had the same team of doctors, so everyone knows what is going on already.
I haven't had anything to eat since breakfast, yet I was nervous that someone was going to come in and see you and I wouldn't be there. I had to eat, so I asked the nurse to call me if anyone came by to take a look at you. On my way back from eating, I saw a girl I used to talk to and have lunch with sometimes when we were there before. Her daughter has a g tube, and I was asking her questions about it just incase you have to have it as well. She said there is a class that you have to go to on how to learn to take care of it and change it. I told her I would be nervous and she said she was, but now it's easy and she doesn't mind it. She is going home on Tuesday, and she was telling me that you won't be able to go home until you are able to take some of your bottle by mouth. I thought that we may never go home if that was the case. However, I said something to the nurses about it when I got back to your room, and they said that isn't the case. Phew.
Daddy and mom-mom came and we stayed for a bit. You seem nice and relaxed. Speech will most likely come tomorrow morning. We were told that your swallow study most likely won't get done until the end of the week. CHOP likes to evaluate you on their own without Virtua, to see what they think is necessary. So before you get the swallow study, they are going to evaluate you as well and I am assuming they will say that you need the study done as well.
I will see you in the morning. We love you and hope you have a relaxing night in your huge crib! Stay strong!!