Monday, May 30, 2016

High Hopes - May 30th, 2016

When we got there this morning daddy and I did your care. I then fed you and you took 25 ml with no drops in heart rate! And daddy was there to witness it all! We were so proud of you this morning.
The doctors rounded (not your usual doctors - they will be back tomorrow) and said that you were taking 27% of your feeds and that you lost 5 grams. They said that they think you need more time at the hospital until you have less heart rate drops and until you have a steady weight gain. What they don't know is that you almost never lose weight, and this is the first time you lost any weight since you were on Lasix a few weeks ago. Also, the reason your feeds look like they went down is because you were tired for two of your feeds, so they averaged in two zeros. When I asked if you were still going to be discharged this week, they said that they were going to see what the doctor tomorrow says, but they said that they think you should stay until you have less episodes. They said you may be able to come home on a monitor, but to wait to see what the doctors say tomorrow. I knew I shouldn't get my hopes up because this could happen, but how could you not!? The only change they made was that you are no longer eating over an hour, you are getting the rest of your feed by gravity.
Daddy held you for a bit and then I held you. Pop-pop and mom-mom came to visit you and it was pop-pop's birthday. He held you for a little bit and then it was time to do your noon care.
Daddy and I took care of your care at noon again. You were a little fussy before your care, so we were hoping you would do a great job with eating this time around. You ended up stopping early, and taking 13 ml. You fell asleep as I as burping you. This time, you had two instances where your heart rate dropped.
We had to leave to go to babies r us to finish getting everything we needed for you to come home. I called the nurse to see how you did and she said that you took 10 ml and then 15 ml. She said that you were pretty tired. I forgot to ask her how you were doing on your gravity feeds. I will ask the nurse that is on tonight when I call her. Other than that she said that you are doing well.
I will be there in the morning and I will hopefully be able to feed you three times tomorrow. It is hard when there are so many people feeding you. Each person may do something different or pace a little different than the last person. It is hard to judge the number of events you are having because of that as well. Anyway, I will see you in the morning. I love you buddy! Daddy does too!
**Please pray that Mason has less drops in heart rate while eating. Also, please pray that he gets to come home soon!!