Wednesday, May 18, 2016

Eat Please! - May 18th, 2016

I expected to see one nurse on today and came in to find another nurse on. She asked me what I did for your care and I told her temp and diaper. I was able to do those for you (with the exception of your 11:30 because I was talking to your neighbor and lost track of time) for the rest of the day.
The NP came to see you and said that you looked good. I asked her about your weight gain and she said that since you look good physically, she thinks you are just gaining weight. She doesn't think that it is from fluid retention, but will continue to watch you. She also said that she wanted to wean your cannula down to .5 to see how you would do because everything was looking good.
We tried NS this morning but you wanted nothing to do with it. You would latch, but that is as far as you would go. We are going to try again tomorrow at your 2:30 feed since the other speech therapist would be there. Hopefully we do better tomorrow!
We tried NNS today at 2:30, and again, you latched but sat there. You don't really want to do a lot of work! We can keep practicing, but one of these times you have to start to eat so we can get you home!
Daddy and I came back later because we heard that one of our favorite nurses was going to have you. We got to give you a bath all on our own tonight! I would have to say the best part of the bath was when you peed on daddy! He used to laugh when you peed and/or pooped on me, well now he gets a taste of that as well! It was bound to happen sometime. We stayed while I held you and talked to your nurse for a while until she had to start taking care of the other babies again. She will be back on tomorrow, so I am sure we will go visit her!
You now weigh 5 lb., 14.5 oz. We are pretty sure that tomorrow night you will be 6 pounds. It's crazy to think of how small you were, and now how big you are. You are growing so well. Now we have to get you to eat!! Maybe tomorrow you will be more interested. We don't need you to stay even longer because you refuse to eat. Your due date is coming up pretty soon, and I'm almost positive that you won't be coming home until after your due date. But at least you are here with us now (even if it isn't at home)!
We love you and hope you have a great night. We know we don't have to worry at all since know the nurse taking care of you pretty well from when you were first born. We will see you tomorrow buddy. Rest up so you can do well with NS tomorrow!!