Monday, May 16, 2016

Trickster - May 16th, 2016

I went in this morning to see that you now weigh 5 lb, 8.2 oz. You definitely do not have any issues gaining weight! You still had your cannula on at 1 liter. The nurse said that you had two episodes on night shift. Other than that, nothing else changed.
For your 8:30 am care, I noticed that your butt was red again. I had the nurse look at it and she said that since you had a couple red bumps, that you had a diaper rash and she was going to have the doctor come look at it. The doctor ordered a special ointment to put on so that we could stop it early. She also said that we didn't need a CBC because you didn't look sick. (This was a different doctor than yesterday.) We then did NNS since I didn't know when speech was coming. Usually, you just latch and then sit there. Today, you decided to suck for 20 minutes! After 10 minutes had passed, I was going to pull you off, but the nurse said that since you were doing so well, to keep you on for a bit longer. You were still going after 20 minutes, so I figured I would pull you off then so you didn't over work yourself. I held you until your next feeding.
At 11:30, I was going to skip NNS since I didn't want you to get too tired. Speech came in and asked if 11:30 or 2:30 would be better and I said 2:30 since you almost always sleep for your 11:30 feed. She said that she would be back at 2:30. I held you until mom-mom and Fran came. We went to the Ronald McDonald room to eat, and then came back to see you again.
For your 2:30 care, we tried NS. You decided you didn't really want much to do with it. You latched a few times, but wouldn't do too much. You kept closing your eyes. We joked around and said that since daddy thinks I "trick" you with NNS, that you were "tricking" me now that it was time to do NS. They weighed you before hand and weighed you after to see how much you took. You only took 3 ml, but like I said to them, 3 is better than none! We decided that since you have your eye exam tomorrow (and no one from speech will be in tomorrow), that we would only do NNS. If you latch and act like you did this morning, she said to do it for 20 minutes. If you just sit there like usual, she said to do it for 10 minutes. I am hoping that you are like you were today, tomorrow. She also said that from now on, we would do NS at your 8:30 care since that is when you are the most alert and willing to try. Wednesday will be the next NS session.
Daddy came while I was holding you and so I let him hold you for a bit. Pop-pop came to visit you as well. Lots of visitors today! We stayed for a little bit and ended up leaving before your next care.
I am so proud of you for doing so well at the NNS and for even attempting NS. I know you are just starting, so it will take a bit to get the hang of it. We love you and we can't believe that next week you will be 3 months old. Crazy! You have come such a long way! Continue growing, buddy! We love you and I will see you tomorrow!