Tuesday, May 10, 2016

Busy Day! - May 10th, 2016

When I came in for care this morning the nurse said that you had one episode over night and one episode for her. I noticed that your heart rate looked better than it has in a few days and same with your respiratory rate. When I was changing your diaper at your 8:30 am care, I noticed that your feet weren't as swollen either. The nurse told us that you had an eye exam scheduled for today.
I usually hold you after your care, but since you had your eye exam this morning, they needed to put eye drops in your eyes before the ophthalmologist came, so we left you in your bed. When the ophthalmologist came to see you, they asked if I wanted to be in the room and if I have seen the exam before. I told them I don't like watching, but I would stay in the room while it was happening. I made the mistake of watching it at CHOP and I don't want to see something metal holding your eyes open while they take a look at your eyes again. The ophthalmologist was very smart and kept using all this medical terminology, but in the end, your eyes are still stage 2 zone 2, with the right eye being worse than the left eye. You are scheduled for another exam next week. He said once a baby hits zone 2, they are scheduled every week for an eye exam because things can progress quickly.
For your 11:30 am care, we did the usual and I held you while your feed ran. Aunt Karen from NJ came to visit you for a while as well. I decided that I would leave when daddy and Aunt Karen left so that I could grab a bite to eat and get a couple things done at home.
For your 2:30 pm care, you had an ultrasound of your leg. We are still unsure of the results. When we went tonight for your care, the nurse said she hadn't seen anything yet, so tomorrow morning we will ask your nurse and hopefully we will know then. I am assuming it hasn't changed, otherwise I am sure they would have told us.
I left at about 4 pm so that we could get a few things done and have dinner. After that we came back up to the hospital. I was able to help you take a bath, change your clothes, and do your care. Before the nurse weighed you, she told me to make sure that I didn't get upset if you lost weight because you are on the diuretic. You did lose more weight, and now you are 5 lb., 1 oz. Tomorrow is your last day on the diuretic. You will probably dip under 5 lb. tomorrow. Your head circumference is usually anywhere from 33-34. Tonight, it was 32.5 cm. Daddy and I have been saying that we think your shunt is overworking and taking out too much fluid. I have spoken with the doctors about it a few times now, and they seem to think that everything is fine. We can now see your sutures which we were never able to see as much before. We can also see a part of the reservoir we couldn't see before. Your fontanel dips in more than it ever has. We decided that when I say something again tomorrow about it, and they say it looks fine, I am just going to call your neurologist just for comfort. I would rather say something now, than wait and have it be taking out too much fluid and it be an issue. Hopefully I don't have to go above their heads, but if I have to, I will just so that we can feel more comfortable about it.
Hopefully tomorrow you can rest up. We haven't been doing any NNS, so you just get plenty of extra snuggles with mommy after your care. We love you and mommy can't wait to snuggle you again tomorrow. I am bringing you some extra clothes tomorrow since you are outgrowing your preemie outfits! See you in the morning!!