Sunday, May 22, 2016

Happy Grandparents - May 22nd, 2016

Since we got home late last night (technically early this morning), everyone was exhausted. This was the first time that mommy didn't come see you at 8 am. Instead, I let everyone sleep in and I even got to sleep a little more than usual. We went to have an early lunch, and then we came to see you.
When we got there, you were in your bouncer. I noticed that there was a sign on the wall for your individualized developmental care plan. It said that when no one is there to hold you, they are to put you into your bouncer, as it helps with digestion and development. If we are there to hold you, we are to make sure to change the way we hold you every hour. You are favoring turning your head to one side, and they want to break that habit.
Daddy got to hold you for a little bit when we got there. After he was finished holding you, he told grammy to wash her hands so that she could hold you for the first time. She loved every second of it. While grammy was holding you, mom-mom said that her and pop-pop were on their way to see you. Since only four people are allowed in the room at a time, they had to wait outside until someone came to switch spots with them. Since we wanted mom-mom to hold you as well, she came in and poppy left. Mom-mom then held you. Her first NJ grandson! Grammy left and pop-pop came in to hold you. Daddy and poppy went to the grocery store to get some things for dinner and then poppy held you when he came back. I am sure all of the grandparents were so happy to be able to finally hold you!
Daddy did your temp for your 2:30 care and I changed your diaper. Since you hate your temp being taken and your diaper changed, daddy didn't want to be one to make you cry for your 5:30 care. I took your temp and changed your diaper. The nurse told us that your feeds went up to 52 ml every 3 hours. Your feeds are still over an hour. We left after your care at 5:30 so that we could go eat dinner.
While it was just me and grammy in the room, the LC came to see me. The nurse was also in the room. She came to see how I was doing and I asked if either of them knew how long they would wait before doing a swallow study. They said that they usually wait until you are 40 weeks, which would be May 31st. However, the LC said that they want to recommend that they do it at 39 weeks instead so we could get the ball rolling just incase something was wrong. She said that the doctors listen to the team to a certain extent, but the doctors definitely listen to what the parents have to say. She said that we have to be squeaky wheels. She said that if I ask to have it done a little earlier than 40 weeks, it will be taken into consideration more than if they were to ask. So tomorrow while the doctors round, we are going to talk about what to do.
I just got off the phone with your nurse tonight and she said that you are now 6 lb. 2.5 oz. She said that this is the third night that she has had you in a row and you are great for her at night. She said that all you do is sleep through the night and you are awake during the day which is definitely a good thing! She said that you love your bouncer as well. She had nothing else to report, other than that you are doing great for her.
Grammy and Poppy have to leave early in the morning, but they loved that they got to hold you finally. I will be there at the usual 8 am tomorrow morning. At some point daddy will be by to see you as well. We love you and hope you have a great night!