Saturday, May 14, 2016

No Changes - May 14th, 2016

This morning when I came in, you were sleeping with your arms up again. You love sleeping with your arms up near your head. It's very cute. We did your care and I ran out to get breakfast again because I didn't get up in time to eat. When I got back, I held you until your next set of care.
At 11:30, we did your care again, and we kept you in your little crib while you ate so that I could run home and help daddy clean a few things. We ate lunch and cleaned, and then I headed back up for your 2:30 care.
After your 2:30 care, we did NNS, and then I held you until 4 pm. You looked SO comfortable as I held you this time. I know I usually say that, but I really think this was the most comfortable position that I have seen you in. It was really hard for me to put you back in your crib so that I could go home.
Daddy and I had some friends over for a cookout, so we didn't come back up. I just got off of the phone with your nurse so that I could see how you were doing. She said that you had one episode for your day nurse, and one episode at the change of shift. She said you are peeing and pooping normal, she changed you into your dark blue outfit, and that you now weigh 5 lb, 7 oz. Before we know it, you will be 6 lbs!
We will see you in the morning tomorrow. Daddy is going to come to see you and stay for a while since he didn't get to see you today. We are so happy that you are doing so well these last couple days. We hope you stay strong and continue to get better and better so that you can come home soon! We love you!!