Sunday, May 29, 2016

Eat for Daddy, Please! - May 29th, 2016

This morning daddy came with me to see you. The last two times that he came to see you, you wouldn't eat for him and just slept. We were hoping that he would finally get to see how well you do with the bottle.
For your 9 am care, we changed your diaper and took your temp. After the nurse bundled you back up, you fell asleep. I was hoping that once I started feeding you, you would wake up. You didn't. This is the third time you didn't take anything when daddy was there. The only three times since we started bottle feeding you! Daddy said that if it happened for the noon feed, that he was going to leave the room.
Doctors rounded between your 9 am and noon feedings. They said you were taking 37% of you feeds by bottle now, which is more than the 25% that you were taking before. The doctors asked if we were signed up for the NG tube class yet, and we told him we were signing up today (we are taking CPR and the NG tube training on Wednesday). They wanted to put you on a different floor until discharge, but the nurse said that you were still dropping your heart rate with feeds, so they said it wasn't a good idea to move you to the other floor. The nurse told us after the doctors left that you wouldn't be hooked up to monitors, so they wanted to keep you where you were. Other than that, the plan is to continue to work on your bottle feeds!
For your noon care, I changed your diaper again. You still haven't pooped since yesterday. The nurse said that it was normal for babies who have breast milk. You also were changed to a different fortifier, so that could have something to do with it as well. Hopefully you go by tomorrow.
You were awake for your noon feed. You took 25 ml this time, and daddy finally got to watch! You dropped your heart rate 3 times during that feed. You need to remember to breathe after you suck!
We left shortly after that and I called the nurse before she left for the day to see how you were. She said that for both the 3 and 6 o'clock feeds, you took 25 ml. You are definitely more consistent. She said that you only dropped your heart rate once for the last feed. She told us that our classes on Wednesday were CPR at 1 and the NG tube training was from 2-3:30. I am assuming since we haven't taken the classes yet, that you won't be coming home on Wednesday. We still don't know when we should bring in the car seat either!
We are going to come again tomorrow for two of your feeds. We then have to go to babies r us to get more things for you so that we can be ready for you to come home. I can't believe I am actually saying these things. We have been in the hospital so long already, that it just feels natural to have to go to the hospital to see you. I don't know what I am going to do when you are home (besides snuggle you all the time)! We hope you have a great night and you continue to improve on your feedings. We love you buddy!!