Friday, May 13, 2016

Finally - Some Good News! - May 13th, 2016

Last night you had two episodes, both self resolved. The nurse we were supposed to have called out, and luckily the nurse we had yesterday was able to cover for most of the day. She told me that your retic count came back at 4.7 - meaning you are making your own blood!! Woo hoo! She didn't know your hemoglobin level, but said she would check after your care. I heard the doctors rounding and asked her if they would know your level, and she quickly looked it up just incase. Your level was 9.8! Higher than the beginning of the week! This means that you don't need another blood transfusion! All the prayers worked! As the doctors rounded, they asked what we thought of taking you off of the cannula. The NP told me and the nurse to decide what we thought was best. I asked the nurse what she thought, and she said we should try it. No more cannula, and making our own blood - what a great day!
I completely forgot to do NNS with your 8:30 care because I was so excited by the good news! The nurse asked me if I just wanted to give you a break since you were just weaned off the cannula, but I let her know I forgot, and I would do it with 2:30 care.
Right before your 2:30 care, speech came around to see how you were doing. She wants to start NS on Monday. She wanted us to start tomorrow, but both the nurse and I felt more comfortable if someone from speech was with us while we did it. We are back on the right track!
We did NNS at the 2:30 care, and you did great. Usually you just latch and sit there now that I swear you know we are faking you out (as daddy would put it). We did that for ten minutes, and then you fell asleep on me for a while.
As I was leaving to go home, the developmental specialist stopped me and asked how you were doing. I told her the great news. She told me to bring in a bouncer from home. She said that they have them at the hospital, but most parents like to bring in their own. We will start to put you in that next week. She also has me working with you on following a book with bright contrasting colors. I worked on that with you today. She said that she was going to work on it with you as well.
We visited around 10:30 pm, and you were sleeping. We didn't want to bother you, so we just sat with you in your room. The nurse said you basically slept through your care, which is great! You must be very tired.
We will see you tomorrow. Have a great night and get lots of rest. You still have a lot of growing to do! Love you buddy!