Thursday, April 14, 2016

A Very Good Day! - April 14th, 2016

Happy 7 weeks, Mason!
You only had a couple events over night, all self-resolved. Other than that, you did very well for the nurse over night.
When I got there, PT was there and asked me to help her develop a care plan for you. I told her all the things that you were good at, things that startle you (so that the nurses can be careful doing those things), things that you like and don't like, etc. She typed it all up and hung it on your isolette so that the nurses can see it and help you!
Neuro came around and said that your head felt a little full and that you would be getting tapped within the next 24 hours. I asked them when we would know if you were getting a shunt and they said that you would be getting one next week. Later, the neurosurgeon came and said that the surgery would be either Monday or Tuesday. I asked him when we could sit down and ask questions about the placement of the shunt and he said he is available on Saturday. This surgery makes me super nervous, but I know that it is best for you. 
During rounds, they surprised me and said that they were going to try you out on the ram cannula. Yesterday they said they wanted to wait until you gained more weight. You did gain weight, but only 10 grams. Anyway, they said you could try it! They said that if you did well for 6 hours, they would take away the CPAP and put you on high flow. Progress!
Respiratory came around and switched you from the mask to the ram cannula. We can see your head and face now! Kangaroo time was SO much easier now that you have the ram cannula. Overall, you just looked so much better. I am pretty sure you hated the mask on your face. Every time you would move, it would move off of your nose.
Six hours later the doctor came around to see how you were doing. I told her that you were doing very well on the ram cannula. The nurse told her the same. The nurse told me that she didn't see any orders to take you off the CPAP, but maybe tomorrow. Either way, no more mask!
Daddy had me hang a Flyers towel on your isolette tonight for the playoff game tonight. The nurse said she would make sure that it stayed on the isolette (daddy was trying to figure out a way to put it on so that it would stay).
Here comes the exciting news! When I called tonight, she told me that you have had no episodes, that you now weigh 4 pounds, 1 ounce, AND that you should be able to wear clothes tomorrow!!!!! Woo hoo!!! How exciting!! As soon as I got off the phone (at 10:45 pm) I started doing laundry so I can bring you some clothes in the morning!
Mommy and daddy are SO beyond excited at how well you are doing. It feels like we have waited forever for these things to happen, and they are finally happening! Keep staying strong and fighting hard!! We love you SO much!