Friday, April 15, 2016

Getting Better and Better! - April 15th, 2016

The nurse this morning said that you did well over night and had no events. Nothing much to report.
The doctors made their rounds early this morning and as they were talking, I was putting clothes on you. I know that they were going back and forth on whether they wanted to tap your reservoir. Eventually they decided that they would. They ended up taking 17 cc's off. The PA that did it said that she did your first tap, and now she is the one doing your last tap. When she was finished tapping you, I asked her if you were going to go on high flow (since they forgot about you yesterday) and she said she doesn't see why not. Respiratory came to change it and you had it off your face in no time. This kept happening so they had to use a different tape - which didn't stop you from taking it off. Luckily you do well without it.
After we dressed you and swaddled you, the nurse put your isolette on a certain temperature (I don't remember what it was exactly) and said that every 3-4 hours she would turn it down 0.5 degrees Celsius. If you could hold your temperature after getting down to 26.5 degrees Celsius, you would be able to be put into a crib instead of an isolette. You did very well with that while I was there.
We found out that your surgery for your shunt would be on Tuesday. We are going to talk with the neurosurgeon tomorrow so we can ask all the questions that we have about the surgery. Hopefully this will make me less nervous about it.
I just got off the phone with the nurse that is working tonight and she said she did your care at 9 and you did great. No episodes for her, doing well on the cannula, and nothing else to report. I like these kinds of calls!
Mommy and daddy will be there tomorrow morning. We love you and we are so happy you are doing so well!