Friday, April 8, 2016

Small Changes - April 8th, 2016

Today we didn't come to see you until around 4 pm. Mommy had her follow up appointment for having you, and I had to run a few errands and I even got to hang out with a friend! Once I was finished with all that, we came to visit you.
I called earlier this morning after the doctors rounded to get an update. The nurse said that the only thing they changed was that gravity was now taking down your food like it was a few weeks ago, so instead of 60 minute feeds, you now have 20-30 minute feeds. She said you have been doing well on them. She also said that you have only had two episodes since yesterday at 4:30 pm. She did also say that the doctors came around and said that you may need a tap either today or tomorrow. Since you weren't having episodes, they figured you wouldn't need a tap today. Maybe tomorrow.
When we got to the hospital today, she asked if I wanted to hold you. Of course I did! I got to hold you for about an hour and a half. You looked so comfortable and slept almost the whole time! Usually you are awake in the beginning, but it seemed as if you were so comfortable, you just fell right asleep!
Before we left you kept having episodes, but you would come right back up. I told daddy that they didn't make sense because your heart rate didn't match the other heart rate on your monitor. When I called to see how you were tonight, the nurse said she changed all of the wires because your heart rate wasn't matching up (I should just quit teaching and become a nurse) so you haven't had any episodes since.
Seems like you had such a good day. I feel like the good days are finally becoming more frequent. I hope that it stays that way. We definitely need everyone to continue to pray for you.
Mommy and daddy love you and we will see you tomorrow. Mommy is going to try and get more things done around the house in the morning and we will most likely be up later in the day. Keep fighting, you got this!