Tuesday, April 26, 2016

Possible transfer - April 26th, 2016

No episodes last night or today. Definitely back to where we were (minus gaining weight 5 consecutive days) before surgery. Keep on going buddy!
This morning during rounds they were talking about getting a consult with urology. They said that they were going to wean your high flow down to 2.5 from 3 tomorrow. They are probably going to increase your feeds tomorrow as well. Other than that, they said that you look really good!
You had your eye exam today so the nurse had to put a series of drops into your eyes. You hated every second of it! The ophthalmologist came and he looked at your eyes and said that you had stage 2 zone 2. Two weeks ago it was stage 1 zone 2. He said that most cases resolve on their own for stages 1 and 2. He said that he would check you again next week.
Urology came to check out your hypospadias. They said that you were too little to do anything now, but they were going to fix your hydrocele, hypospadias, and do your circumcision when you are 6 months corrected. They asked if we wanted to have it done there, and we said yes.
Hematology came around just to make sure that I knew you were on the lovenox and to see if I had any questions. I said that the doctor told me you would be on it for 4-6 weeks and they said that they are aiming more for 4 weeks, not 6. That is a good thing because I am not sure if you were to come home before 6 weeks that I would be able to give you the shot!
I just got off the phone with the nurse for tonight and she said that you now weigh 4 lb. 5 oz. She said that last night you weighed 4 lb. 7 oz. but when I spoke with the nurse last night she said she weighed you again after that and your weight was the same as the previous night so I am not sure why she recorded the higher weight. Anyway, she said that you have been pretty quiet and she did your care and you are now back to sleep.  
There is a possibility that once neuro clears you and all your doctors are in agreement that you are good, that you will go back to Virtua. I asked about the timeframe and the doctor said that it could be in two days. I really don't think it will be that soon. She said she needed to call my insurance to make sure that the transfer back to Virtua was covered, and that Virtua would give you the lovenox. She never came back to tell me what she found out, but I will find out tomorrow.
We love you and are so happy you are doing so well. We can't wait until you are home! Until then, keep gaining that weight!!