Saturday, April 30, 2016

More Firsts - April 30th, 2016

This morning we came for a bit because mommy wanted to be there for rounds. We noticed that you had no cannula anymore! You are now breathing on your own!!! We came at 9 am and stayed until 10:30 am and the doctors still didn't come around at all so we left to go meet grammy, poppy, great aunt Wanda and Great-Grandma. We had some lunch and then headed up to see you.
When we were there in the morning, I told your nurse to call me after the doctors rounded. I got a phone call just as lunch was over and your nurse said that you were doing great. She said that they were going to start to bottle feed and you would go in a crib today! So exciting!
When we got there with the family, they all took turns coming in to see you. At your 3 pm feed, daddy started out trying to bottle feed you, but the nurse told him that it was easier for you if he held you a certain way and he did not feel comfortable holding you like that. I did, so I fed you the bottle. You did such a good job, only dropping your heart rate twice! You gave us a big burp at the end as well. Since we were still there at your 6 pm feeding, I fed you with the bottle again, and you didn't have any drops in heart rate. You had the whole bottle both times (only 7 ml's) and they said as long as you were doing well with the bottle feedings, they would keep increasing the amount in the bottle. You still got fed through your feeding tube the other 33 ml's.
As we were getting ready to leave, I was upset because they still didn't bring the crib to your room. The nurse said she would go and ask what was going on, and about 5 minutes later, your crib came! I was able to transfer you over to your first crib from your isolette. You seemed like you were so big in your isolette, and now you seem so small in your crib.
After I had changed your diaper after feeding you the first time tonight, you went to the bathroom again. I changed that diaper, and then you went again. So I changed your diaper for a third time, hoping that was it. About 10 minutes later, it needed to be changed again! Gotta get it all out!
I just spoke with the nurse from tonight to see how you were doing and she said that while she was feeding you with the bottle you got a little overwhelmed. She said she put 10 ml's in the bottle since you did so well earlier and you weren't coordinating your sucking, breathing, and swallowing as well so she stopped after 5 ml's. Other than that she said you were doing well!
Such a big day today - we are so happy you are doing so well! You may have some troubles bottle feeding, but that is to be expected. Today is only your first day and you did so well! We hope you have a great night in your crib and you stay nice and warm. Pretty soon you will be home to cuddle with me and daddy! We love you buddy!!!