Monday, April 18, 2016

Big Day Tomorrow - April 18th, 2016

The doctor called me as soon as I got to the hospital and told me that he moved his schedule around a bit and you are now the first surgery tomorrow morning. Your surgery is scheduled for 7:20 am. Mommy, daddy, mom-mom, pop-pop, grammy, and poppy will be there to see you around 5:30 - 6:00.
This morning at 10:00 am you had a CT scan in preparation of your surgery. The nurse told me that it wouldn't take long and wheeled you away at 9:45. At 10:45 you still weren't back, and the nurse called the other nurse who was near your room and told her to tell me not to be worried, that you were just a little feisty. Shortly after, you came back.
When the doctors did their rounds there really was no new news. The attending said to me "how do you feel about going back to Virtua?" and I got really excited for a minute until I asked about your hernia. She said that she forgot about that and you would have to have it repaired at CHOP. I asked if that meant we had to stay at CHOP for the rest of the time that you were there and they said yes. So another month and a half (give or take) of traveling back and forth to Philly.
The neurosurgeon told us that he would come to speak with us around 2-2:15 so that daddy could come. The doctor ended up coming a little early and I asked him all of the questions I had (a page and a half). When he saw my list he asked me if he needed to go get a glass of water haha. Daddy was a little upset that he didn't get to see the doctor at that point but the neurosurgeon said he would be back to talk to him. We ended up leaving around 3 and so he called us to see if we had any more questions.
I got a few phone calls after that from the hospital. One from anesthesia making sure I gave my consent, and one from the PA letting me know that your hemoglobin came back low so they needed to do a blood transfusion before your surgery.
You had a pretty good day, about two events that I can remember. I was going to hold you around 3, but then I remembered you had your lab work at 3 pm. We ended up leaving around then so that mommy could go home and get a few things done before tomorrow. One new thing that the nurse told us was that you no longer had the feeding tube in your mouth, it is now in your nose. I like that much better!!
When I came back around 7 pm, I wanted to hold you since I didn't get to earlier. I was told by the day nurse that if you had your IV's in I wouldn't be able to hold you. I saw that you had an IV in and got really nervous. I asked her if I could hold you and she said that you were going to get your blood transfusion and that the blood was ready so I couldn't hold you. I cried. The night nurse was there (they were switching shifts) and she told me that she would let me hold you while you were getting your blood (apparently it is illegal - she told me when I was putting you back in). I thanked her because I was able to hold you before you went for surgery.
So, I am super nervous about tomorrow. I am sure I will be a mess when you go in. It is a 30 minute procedure and the whole time I will be nervous until I see you again. I am praying and I know plenty of other people are praying for you. You will feel much better after the shunt is in.
We love you more than anything and pray that all goes well tomorrow. We know how strong you are and how much of a fighter you are. You will come out stronger than ever! See you in the morning buddy! You have a big day ahead of you!