Thursday, April 28, 2016

Happy 9 Weeks! - April 28th, 2016

This morning when the doctors rounded, they weaned you on the cannula to 1. You are almost off of breathing support. It is scary but exciting at the same time! They said you now have to focus on growing and eating. Daddy called while the doctors were there to clarify a few things. They gave you the lovenox for as long as they wanted to and since it isn't doing anything, they don't want to risk any bleeding. They said that it would resolve on its own.
I spoke with the neurosurgeon today and I asked him if he felt comfortable with you leaving and going to virtua. He said that you looked great and that he thought it was a good idea. He clarified for me that you would see him 1 month after discharge - not 1 month after the surgery.
As for nursing, we tried again today and you did even better than yesterday. You stayed on longer today and were more awake. I adjusted my pumping schedule so that I would empty before your feedings so we could practice more than once a day. Hopefully once you are able to really eat, you will be a pro!
Uncle Ryan was able to come see you today for a while. Pretty soon you will be able to meet all of your cousins!
When I called tonight she said that you were sleeping and that she did your care at 9. She said that you now weigh 4 lb., 8 oz. I think you only need one more day of weight gain and then we can start you on air mode in your isolette. One step closer to coming out of your isolette and into a crib!
These posts keep getting shorter and shorter because you are doing so well. There isn't too much to talk about anymore! Just waiting on our transfer to Virtua - hopefully within the next week!
We love you and are so happy with your progress. Keep it up! See you in the morning!!