Friday, April 22, 2016

Much Better Day - April 22nd, 2016

This morning you peed a ton which was great. Through your diaper and onto your bedding. You also finally pooped! Woo hoo! Your blood gas was good so they decided they were going to extubate you today. The tube was really bothering you and it just didn't look comfortable at all. You were very swollen from all the IV fluids which was definitely hard to see as well, but since we have been through this before, I do know that it goes away.
When the doctors did rounds today they said that they were going to extubate you after rounds. They knew how excited I was for this to happen. They said they were going to put you on the ram cannula to see how you would do and then wean you again from that to the cannula. I was so excited! They also talked about upping your feeds to 35 ml instead of 33 ml which is great as well. Back on track we go!
After rounds, they came by and took the tube out. You looked SO much more comfortable. It wasn't breaking my heart every time I looked at you now. You were doing fine breathing on the ram cannula. You were still having some brady's, but you would come right back. They eventually increased your caffeine to see if that would do the trick. If not, they were going to give you blood because you usually do really well after getting blood.
The doctor came back around and said that you were on the OR schedule for Monday - um what!? He said not to worry, that he called and made sure to take you off of the schedule. He just wanted me to be aware just incase anesthesia doesn't get word quick enough and comes to ask me to sign a consent form. This was supposed to be for his hernia - which he wouldn't have done until right before going home. We are not close to going home yet.
Later the hernia surgeon came around to look at you. He thinks it seems to be the hydrocele they are feeling. He said even if it is a hernia, it is a small one and he wants to put that off since it isn't causing any issues. One less surgery I have to deal with in the near future.
The neurosurgeon came by as well. He showed me how to feel if your fontanelle was full. He also told me that if we ever notice any fluid around the shunt to come in to get you checked out. He said sometimes it is nothing, but other times the shunt may have failed.
I had to get blood work done today so that I could donate breast milk to CHOP for those mommies out there who aren't fortunate enough to either make milk, or make enough milk for their babies. Since I make twice as much as I need, I wanted to help other mommies out. It feels good knowing I will be helping other mommies and babies!
I think today was the first day this week after your surgery that I actually felt good enough to leave and go home for the rest of the day. The nurse asked if I wanted her to call me if you were to get a blood transfusion and I told her I would love for her to call. I need to know where that IV would be going. They are going to try to hold off until your IV fluids are finished so that they can use that same IV, but in case of emergency, they will need another IV - which I am hoping isn't going to happen. I haven't received a phone call yet, so hopefully you didn't need anything yet.
We love you and will be up to see you at some point tomorrow. I am going to call to see how you are in the middle of the night and I hope that you are doing much better than the last couple days. You are quite the fighter! Keep on fighting - you are my hero!