Sunday, April 10, 2016

Look at You Grow! - April 10th, 2016

Today we came in the afternoon and I held you from 1 to 3. When I took you out of your isolette and put you on my chest, you went to sleep fairly quickly. You always seem so comfortable when you are laying on my chest. I can't wait to be able to bring you home and do it all the time without you hooked up to anything!
The nurses (we had two today - I am assuming one was training) said that you have been doing very well. They said that the doctor saw you without your interface on and you were breathing well so she decided to wean your ventilator settings down again (your PEEP is now at a 5). That is the only change that they made today. They said that you have been doing very well with the change.
After I held you, read to you, and put you back in the isolette, I noticed that your foot was swollen again. I told the nurse and she called the PA. The PA said that she was busy but she was going to send down another PA to look at it. When the PA came, I made sure to tell her that I had just finished holding you, and the last few times your foot has not swelled when I held you. She took a look at it and said that it looked okay, nothing had to be done STAT. She said they might do the ultrasound a little earlier than tomorrow if needed. The PA that came said that our PA was going to come look at it in about 30 minutes. We left and I told them I would call to see what was going on.
When I called, she still hadn't come to take a look at your foot. She took down my number and said that she would call me as soon as the PA came to look at it. We went to dinner and came home and I still did not receive a call. I called at about 8:30 pm and the nurse said that the PA must have left and never came around to look at your foot. However, the nurse said that it must of been the way that you were positioned on me because it didn't look swollen anymore. That is definitely a good thing, but I am glad nothing was seriously wrong since the PA decided not to come. I asked about your weight and she said that she had just weighed you and measured your length. You now weigh 3 lb. 14 oz and are 16.1 inches long! She said that my breast milk was thick and wouldn't go through the tube, so I must be feeding you well!
Tomorrow I am coming bright and early because I want to be there for the ultrasounds, blood work, and rounds. Tomorrow is another big day. Your eye exam should be on Tuesday, so two big days in a row. I will be there early on Tuesday as well, just to make sure that I do not miss your eye exam.
Please pray that the ultrasounds and blood work come back well. Please pray that your brain heals and the blood clot keeps dissolving.
We love you and I can't wait to be with you tomorrow! Hoping for some good news! All of the nurses we see have said you have been doing so well. Hoping for the same news tomorrow.