Wednesday, April 27, 2016

Another First! - April 27th, 2016

This morning the doctor weaned you down to 2 on the high flow. You did very well throughout the day on it. No issues at all! They stopped the lovenox again because they said they were close to the amount of days they wanted to treat you for and you are going back to Virtua and there is too much of a risk if you were to continue it there. Apparently the Anti-10a levels that are checked at CHOP come back in 3 hours and at Virtua they come back in 3 days. If anything was wrong with the dose, we wouldn't know for three days which is too risky. They upped your feeds to 37 ml every 3 hours. I asked about when I could start nursing because they told me 35-36 weeks for boys and this week is 35 weeks. She said I could start today as long as I emptied before trying. They call it non-nutritive sucking. It is hard for a preemie to suck, breathe, and swallow, so we have to take it one step at a time.
When you go over to Virtua, you will have an ophthalmologist appointment there next week (if you are there by next week), and you will also be looked at by the doctors there for your shunt. They will then contact the neurosurgeon at CHOP to make sure it is how he wants it. They are starting your vaccines as well since you are 2 months old. I asked them if they did vaccines on a corrected age or actual, and they said your actual age.
After lunch the nurse got a phone call that you were being transferred to Virtua...TODAY. I was shocked, the nurse was shocked, the FLC (frontline clinician) was shocked... the doctor had called over there but apparently there are no beds as of today. When there is a bed available, we will be getting transferred.
When your feeding was starting, we tried nursing. The LC came and helped and made sure to tell me that you may not latch, may just lick, or you may latch. It took a little bit but you did latch! I wasn't expecting that at all! Now we just have to keep practicing and you'll be eating in no time! Right now you are just getting my milk through your tube, and I have to empty before we "nurse." Once we get the sucking part down, then we can try to get a little milk. So as of right now, when you are getting your feeds, we practice. Daddy said "so you're tricking him!?" That made me laugh!
I just got off the phone with the nurse for tonight and you gained some weight! You are up to 4 lb., 7 oz! That is grammy's birthday gift from you.. she loves when you gain weight! Other than that she said that you are doing great!
We love you and can't wait until you are closer to home! Keep it up, you are doing amazing!