Sunday, April 17, 2016

Waiting for the Day/Time - April 17th, 2016

When I came this morning, rounds were already finished. The nurse told me that you did well over night, and that your feedings were now over 30 minutes. She said you are going to have a CT scan tomorrow at 10 am so the neurosurgeon can see what is going on before the surgery. The doctor moved the pre - op blood work to Monday at 3 pm since no one knows when the surgery will be and she doesn't want to have to stick you twice. They are keeping your isolette at 28 degrees Celsius so that you don't lose any weight before surgery. After surgery they will start weaning it down so that you can go in a crib. You also got tapped again today.
I held you for about an hour and a half today. You had a few brady's but came back on your own from them. You are definitely aware of when it is time to eat now - you wake up and cry for a minute and then once you get fed you go right back to sleep. Tomorrow I am going to try and do kangaroo care again. It is so much easier now with the nasal cannula.
We do not know when your surgery is going to be. It is either Tuesday afternoon or Wednesday morning. We are going to talk with the neurosurgeon tomorrow. He told us he would call and let us know a window so that daddy can come and talk to him as well. We should also know a definite time for your surgery so grammy and poppy can come and so mom-mom can get a sub for school.
Tonight when I called she said you were doing great. She said she gave you a bath at 8 pm and changed your ng tube. She said you cried for a minute and then went to sleep. You are 16.5 inches long, and you gained 10 grams which is still 4 lb 3 oz. She said you have had a few brady's but again you are coming back on your own and they are quick.
We will see you tomorrow buddy. We love you so much! Stay strong and keep fighting! You are doing great!